What to do if your MacBook/iPad USB-C port gets loose

Being completely reversible, USB-C has been the universal port on devices, including the MacBook, iPad, and smartphones. It is more convenient than older USB connections, but it is also at higher risk of getting filled with dust, dirt, and other debris.

The main reason can be that you frequently put your phone in your pocket or bag with port-side down so that loose debris can be forced into the small opening. So the next time when you find your port kind of loose and you have trouble charging or transferring data, that means you need to clean the USB-C port right away. 

In this essay, we’ll just walk you through some simple ways to clean the USB-C port, without damaging your phone.

Use compressed air

Start with a canister of compressed air. Air can loosen and blow out the debris without the need of inserting anything inside. To ensure the right angle, you may need to use a thin nozzle to help blast air into the port. Even if the gunk is really stubborn, trying this way a few more times before giving up. 

Use a toothpick

If the dirt is wedged in tightly, use a toothpick instead. You need to be especially careful when doing this, as the sharp end may damage the connector. Sometimes you might need to split the toothpick down the middle in order that it is thin enough to fit in the port. Or you can also use any other thin, pointed object, as long as it isn’t metal.

Just carefully insert the toothpick down the edge until you get to the bottom of the port. Then gently move around the edge to loosen the dirt. Slide that dirt back up a narrow edge to flick it out of the port.

Get support from Apple

If the problems of the USB-C port are still there after you have tried these ways on your MacBook, iPad, or other Apple devices, you might need a repair from Apple. Schedule a repair from Apple’s Get Support website for your device. If Apple can’t help, you might want to void the warranty and look for a third-party repair instead.



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