Does OnePlus 7T Pro have headphone jack?

Ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack is not unusual for now. The Apple is the lead of the action, then , Samsung Note 10 also follow the step. What’s more,the Oneplus 7t Pro released October 17 is also abandoning  3.5mm headphone jack.  According to the specs,The stereo system is gorgeous and it possess detailed ,lively sound.  But the sound quality lacks subtlety and composure. Is it a must to abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack?

Why does  headphone jack exist so long?

We all know the smartphone is becoming more and more thin, there is better no any notch around the phone. But why does  the  3.5mm headphone jack exist so long? And there still exist among other flagship phones.Firstly, the TRRS plug is more cheap and it’s durable.You can run pretty much anything through it that is electrical. That’s why you can have headphones, anemometers, and even those Square card readers.The headphone jack is simple and high fidelity. For someone who like singing on the smartphone, it is more convenient to connect microphone with headphone jack. After all, the headphone jack existed about 140 -year-old, people all are used to it. it can offer high-quality audio and we can choose some cheap wired headphone jack. From the marketing aspect, the sales of wired headphone jack is more than bluetooth headsets.The headphone jack is a family of electrical connectors that are typically used for analog audio signals.

Should  headphone jack be removed?

Given that the headphone jack has its own existing reason, why so many top quality smartphone manufacturers  removed it in succession. Is it good enough for  bluetooth to replace the headphone jack? There has a long way to go i think, higher noise and lack of cross-platform compatibility make  it weaker than headphone jack. The newest Apple phone only left a lightning port , also used for charging. According to the Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said , he think maintaining an ancient ,single-purpose, analogue big connector is meaningless. The space should be at premium. In this way, we are forced to buy another expensive adapter to listen to music while charging. That is so unconvenient. As far as i am concerned, this action totally ignore the buyers’ consuming habit. Between the High-resolution audio and unconvenience , which one would you pick ? In some way, the headphone jack is really limited at sound quality. The OnePlus 7T pro missing headphone jack is also have the same situation.


Dethroning the headphone jack will cause the  alienating a few existing customers who want to use the wireless audio. OnePlus 7T pro has other workarounds and alternative ways to listen to music. If you have an expensive cabled headphons, you can grab the USB C adapter and bluetooth receiver for them. 




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