Does the Pixel 4 have a fingerprint scanner

As the Pixel 4 releasing, it is called as one of the smartest smartphones you can buy. The Pixel 4 has at least five major new hardware-based features:face unlock,the new Google Assistant, the new 90Hz display, and a second telephoto camera lens,Motion Sense.Besides,The smaller Pixel 4 will sport a 5.7in FHD+ display and 2,800mAh battery,while Pixel 4 XL packs a larger 6.3in QHD+ screen and a 3,700mAh battery.But what a pity, the pixel 4 is lack of  a fingerprint scanner in favour of  face detection .Will you use fingerprint scanner?Prints are unique to you, and it’s impossible for a hacker to guess what your fingers look like, but does that make fingerprints more secure than PIN codes? Would you prefer fingerprint or face detection?

it will seem like Face Unlock is the only security function available on the Pixel 4 as there seems to be no room for a Fingerprint unlock on the phone’s security menu. The phone is also conspicuously missing a back fingerprint scanner. In terms of Face Unlock System, is it a good choice for  the phone’s end users? Here is problem that the phone will unlock even if your eyes are closed.The Pixel 4’s face unlock feature is very similar to the iPhone’s system.They all use  infrared projectors and cameras to read your face.The secure is more , even— it can’t be tricked with a photo or a video on a flat screen. However, Apple’s Face ID system does require attention — in the form of your eyes being open and looking at the screen. Users can disable that feature if they like.Google had previously said that “We don’t have anything specific to announce regarding future features or timing, but like most of our products, this feature is designed to get better over time with future software updates.” It looks like it’s now willing to commit to delivering them.

Do you know how to set up the Face Unlock? here is some steps may helps:

  ➡ On your Pixel phone, open your Settings. 

 ➡  Tap Security Face unlock

 ➡  Enter your PIN, pattern, or password. 

 ➡ Near the bottom, tap Set up face unlock Next Start. :

 ➡  Fit your face in the frame. Slowly point your nose toward each of the blue tiles. 

 ➡  Tap Done.

 All in all, fingerprint scanner has many benefits.The most significant benefit of fingerprint scanners is how they can’t be leaked “over the shoulder.” Someone could quickly look at your phone as you enter your PIN and learn your code, but they can’t do the same with a fingerprint. As such, fingerprint phone locks are the best choice against prying eyes.It’s also one of the quickest methods of authentication. If you’re always unlocking and locking your phone, entering PIN code can get annoying. Using a fingerprint scanner is the quicker and easier option for chronic phone-checkers.
 Recommended Accessories for Google Pixel 4/ 4 XL
Current Price: $9.99
  • Supports magnetic car mounts with its QNMP compatible slot *QNMP metal plate may disrupt wireless charging
  • Scratch resistant PC keeps the phone lightweight and pocket-friendly
  • Open buttons offer original click response and quick accessibility
  • Slim fit design keeps application and removal effortless

Caseology Legion for Google Pixel 4 XL Case (2019) – Matte Black

Current Price: $14.99


  • Dual layered flexible body and rigid outer shell, composed of military grade protection materials and engineered to provide shock absorption, protects your phone from everyday drops and tumbles
  • Precision engineered to enhance your phone’s design, featuring detailed cutouts and tactile button response
  • Contoured to hug your phone and fit comfortably into your hands
  • Works with most wireless pad chargers

Google Pixel Stand with Wireless Charging

Current Price: $79.90


  • Made from Silicone and polycarbonate
  • Up to 10W charging Speed
  • Charges your Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 in portrait and landscape
  • Charges Qi-compatible devices
  • Comes with a 1.5m USB-C to USB-C cable and an 18W USB PD power adapter

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