How good is the battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus


After Samsung’s press conference of new products release, Note 10, and Note 10 Plus, new devices of Note line, have been in sale. Many fans of Samsung and other users hold a great expectation on it, and it indeed performed well in many different aspects, ranging from its screen to its battery.


The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a built-in battery capacity of 4,300 mAh, larger than those of many other phones. Why are both manufacturers and users eager to larger battery? Because we spend increasingly longer time on smartphones now, and the battery life of a mobile phone is very important accordingly. When we go out to play, we would take out our mobile phones to take a shot as we find the beautiful scenery. At that time, if the phone has powered off, we’ll be disappointed with our phones. Not only on taking photoes, more people tend to pay via Apple Pay or Alipay, they will be suffered to shop if the phone is power off. Therefore, we will pay more attention to the battery life of mobile phones when purchasing mobile phones.


So, how can I understand the the battery of 4,300mAh means? Let’s see the test as following. Taking PCMARK as a standard, we have tested the power running. In this course, we simulates a mixed application of Internet, work and games, and the test result is 14 hours and 46 minutes. When it comes to more detailed parts, the results show: Galaxy Note 10 Plus remaining 97% power after 8-hour-standby, with 3% power consumption; remaining 90% power after 1-hour-video, with 7% power consumption; remaining 75% power after 1-hour-game, with 15% power consumption; remaining 57% after 1-hour-video again, with 18% power consumption; remaining 48% after 1-hour-browse, with 9% power consumption.


This kind of tests is like a guarantee that let us feel relieved about the battery of Note 10 Plus. However, some people still doubt about its performance when they choose display with 2K resolution. From another test, we find:

The preset resolution of the Note 10 Plus is set to the resolution of FHD+, and the actual test results between FHD+ and WQHD+ of Note Plus are very close. The final result of the two resolutions only show 33-minute difference:

Note 10+ Resolution FHD+ : 14 hours 46 minutes (886 minutes)

Note 10+ resolution WQHD+ : 14 hours 13 minutes (853 minutes)

In short, we could open 2K+ resolution at ease since we bought Note 10 Plus. Switching FHD+ mode would save only about 5% consumption, so it seems that there is no need to stay in FullHD resolution for power saving.


If the power is off, don’t worry. Both Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are equipped with a 25W fast charger, while the Note 10 Plus are expected to be selled with a 45W fast charger together. Testing Note 10 Plus charging speed with the 25W charger in its box, we find that it can fully charge the 4300mAh battery in about 65 minutes, 64% in 30 minutes, and 91% in 50 minutes. Compared to Samsung’s long-lasting 15W charging, Note 10’s charging efficiency is very impressive.

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