Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ 10 Plus have a headphone jack

In 2019, the galaxy 10 and 10 plus are substantially doing totally different from galaxy S series. But you know what, that’s not the problem.

Here is everything you need to know about galaxy note 10 and 10 plus.

Great things about galaxy note 10 and 10 plus


Galaxy 10 and 10 plus don’t just look like S10 and plus, they have their own little style going on. They are little more flatter, little more edgy and their color, absolute breath-taking. You get the same Samsung layout going on in these two models. They also got speaker and usb port on the bottom. But you would notice that the headphone jack is missing, which we will get back later.


Whether you get the big note 10 plus or smaller note 10, you are getting the same quality screen panel you are gonna find in galaxy s 10 series, and that’s a great thing because that’s the best screen you can get today. Also, the note 10 is with an expansive 6.8-inch display that fills your entire hand and will fill most pockets too – you may find that you need a decent-sized shoulder bag in order to carry this thing around comfortably.

Just as expected, the note 10 and 10 plus got Insane spec sheets. And note 10 series have absolutely battery monster with 4500mAh battery. The note 10 with 3500 mAh battery should be right on average from modern Samsung phone. Note plus supports 45watt battery quick charging so you are gonna fill up the phone in about an hour with the right charger. Therefore a quick charge power bank would absolutely comes in handy if you are a phone addicted user. Here the EasyAcc 13000mAh power bank would fill up your battery twice with quick charging, saving any worry of battery dead when you are outside. 

Downsides about Galaxy 10 and 10 plus


As you can see that note 10 and 10 plus have a lot going on, but not all good. There are some shortcomings in these two phone. The biggest complaint for galaxy note 10 series is that the camera didn’t get improved over the galaxy S 10. They got The same sensors, the same length movement. Personally thinking the camera in galaxy S 10 is superior in industry especially its wide angle. Instead of improving the photo quality, Samsung is including actually useless and niche function like AR doodle which is actually needed in party game or boring time, but not the function you will use when you first open your camera.

Last but not least, the biggest downside of Galaxy note 10 and 10 plus is that there is no headphone jack. Therefore a pair of bluetooth earphone is suggested to take into consideration when our users intend to buy these two models.

Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds – White

Price: $119


  • Bluetooth Enabled for Truly Wireless Connection
  • 6 Hours of Playtime on One Charge
  • 13 Hours Total Playtime with Charging Case

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