Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ Note 10 plus have a curved screen


In the first half of 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series received great interest from all walks of life with its hole digging screen. After about 10 days of launch, the sales exceeded 500,000 units and one million units in the two months in China. As a result, many analysts believe that the success of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first step to rejuvenate in the market. The first half of the year has ended, the second step of Samsung’s rise will undoubtedly be handed over to Galaxy Note10. On July 2, Samsung official announced that they will release new products at 4 pm on August 7th, US Eastern Time.


Before its official release, we still need to wait for confirmed details, but we do know a lot information about the Galaxy Note 10 as the Galaxy Note series has always been an all-around upgrade to the Galaxy S model released months prior. Nowadays, the gap between these two series are narrowing, so the minimum expectation is that Note 10 is as good of a phone as the Galaxy S10+, but with the S Pen. Of course, to continue their strong sales, Samsung will need more.


According to rumors about it, it will includes four phones releasing later with two colors: black and silver, and the second one is actually a multi-color back cover that starts out silver and blends into a blue-green when viewed at angles. Besides, it is expected that Galaxy Note 10 will have a 6.4-inch display with an oblong punch hole for dual front-facing cameras like the Galaxy S10+. The display should be curved as with most of Samsung’s flagship and should be the new HDR-compliant Dynamic AMOLED panel and the Galaxy Note 10+ will have a 6.7-inch curved display.


Till now, maybe some people will be curious about the reason why Samsung is always choosing curved screen in their flagship smartphones. In fact, curved screens are a new technology used for some smartphones in the past few years. With this kind of screens, phone will be much better looking. It’s also practical too. As we get to consume more and more multimedia through our smartphones, the screens get bigger and bigger, resulting in phones are harder to carry in pockets and hold in hand. However, the curved displays get you a narrower phone for the same screen size. With every maker waging war on bezels these days, it only makes sense to embrace the other technology that leads to the same effect.


In this way, not only Samsung, but also many users tend to choose the phone with curved screen. To further increase the ratio of screen to body, Samsung is estimated to use a SoD (Sound on Display) technology to narrow the forehead frame, and the chin as well. It is said to be narrower than the iPhone XS, and the screen ratio to body will reach to 94%, the highest one in Samsung’s history. I believe that, more news will be revealed as the press conference approaches.

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