Is it safe for users if DJI sets up factories in America?

It is reported that DJI intends to set up DJI factories in USA to assemble its drones in California.

In order to win the belief from American government in its products, DJI, the famous Chinese supplier of drones for civil use announces a series of new measures including assembling drones in a local warehouse in California in order to meet the rapid increase of demand for DJI innovative products in the domestic market in America. On the other hand, this measure can also mark a new milestone during DJI innovative development in the world.

As the Sino-US trade war is going on, many people oppose suspects about this DJI’s decision; if DJI will make sure there will be no leak of confidential information to both sides. To answer such question, DJI delivered an open letter to the public, where DJI make clear statements on how it will avoid such worrying from happening.

First, DJI drones will not share users’ flying journals, photos and videos, unless the users choose to do this deliberately. DJI won’t automatically send back to China or anywhere else the users flying data, or transfer photos or videos on Internet. All the data will be only kept in the drones and the operation facilities used by the operators. It is impossible for DJI to share with the world the unreceived data.   


Then, the professional operation applications were built in with a special function, which can help to cut all the internet linkage. This function prepares an additional precautionary measure if the drone carries out sensitive flying missions. What’s more, DJI won’t sell or make realization of user data.

What’s more, DJI is designed with an embedded code and data encryption, which can make the users visit the drone’s data without any more worries of leaking. If an American user chooses to share the data, and it will be only uploaded to the cloud server in America.

Lastly, in order to enable the security researchers all over the world to recognize the unpredicted security issues, DJI conducts a project named “Bug Bounty” in the world and invites individual security professors to testing products to ensure the users who rank on the list of higher demand in security issues to use DJI products with an assured mind.

On June 25th, DJI has launched the DJI Government Edition, which is a brand new integrated drone solution, aiming at meeting higher requirements in security from the global governments and organizations. This edition of products is not accessible to the internet and all the information can only be stored in the devices, which means all the drone data cannot be transmitted to the web , no matter in deliberation or not.


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