How to avoid false touches on Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus


Samsung is an expert on manufacturing great phone screens, even its competitors like Apple and Pixel are using the screens made by Samsung. The latest flagship smartphones of Samsung – Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus feature a new infinity-O display type, they stand out from the boring notch cut-out phones, but using a laser-cut hole in the top-right corner of the screen to embed the front-facing camera, in fact the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus should be called infinity-OO phone due to the dual front camera cutout.


As Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus have curved screen, there is a marked obvious downside, which is accidentally triggering touch on the sides of the display with the edge of palms, especially when using the device with one hand on the bigger Galaxy S10 Plus. This is a common problem of curved screens named accidental false touches, the curved edges occasionally registers your palm as a touch point, How to avoid false touches on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus? Actually I found some tricks to fix it.

Use Edge Touch to avoid faulty touch screen actions

Edge Touch is a App developed by Samsung and you can use it to set up the edge Zones where touches will not be recognized to prevent unintended screen touches. The setting procedure is very quick and intuitive. First go to Good Lock , search ‘Edge Touch’ and install this application on your device, then run ‘Edge Touch’ app to change the touch areas the Edge screen. Then you can select mode: Optimized (Default), Sensitive zone, Insensitive zone. You can also add edge zone by modifying Grip zone and Blocked zone.


There are some other recommended apps that you can access through the Samsung Good Lock, like EdgeLighting+ , which lets you customize the edge lighting that shows when you get a notification; One Hand Operation+, which lets you control your device using gestures with your thumb. You will have easier and better experience with Good Lock if you are a starter of  Android system and curved screen phones.

Using a software to customize zones around the edges of your phone that won’t respond to touches is a brilliant idea, if you are hesitating to purchase a dashing Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus because of the false touch issues, don’t you worry that anymore.

Recommendations of Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus accessories:

1.Samsung Galaxy Buds $129


The Samsung Galaxy Buds are the successor of Gear IconX and they both are true wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds will last up to six hours for music playing on a single charge and support Qi wireless charging with the charging case. 

2.Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand $19.99 currently

Samsung claims that Galaxy S10 series may be charged about 27% faster wirelessly than Galaxy S9 thanks to the improved Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, which support 10W+ wirelss charging. Currently it’s compatible with Samsung branded Wireless Charger Duo Pad (not comes in the box), which costs $119 ( Now available at $67.44 at Amazon ). If you don’t have a Samsung smartwatch, it’s not necessary to buy a Duo Pad, Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand can meet your daily use as one of the best wireless chargers for Galaxy S10, it can not reach a 10W+ output but the price of $19.99 at Amazon is pretty cost-effective.


3.EasyAcc Black TPU Case with Carbon Fiber Texture $8.99

If you are looking something affordable with decent protection, this one would fit the bill. It’s slim but effectively saving your phone from accidentally dropping cracking with the raised edge design.The stylish carbon fiber textures and drawbench brushed aluminum textures make it look dashing. And it’s made of durable material with stain-proof and non-slip coating, it’s wireless charging friendly and the classical black look just matches everything.


You can get a 30% discount for all the EasyAcc cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 series on all market with code EASM2019 , please go to the deals page for the details. 


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