Does Oppo Find X Support 5G?

Oppo Find X definitely is Oppo’s most landmark mobile phone. It has become popular for its unique stealth camera design which slides in and out from the top of the phone. Not only mechanical innovative design outside, there are also 3D face recognition system, VOOC fast charging and other innovative technologies inside. These selling points attract much more people to purchase Find X without no doubt. Meanwhile, some people raise a question: whether Oppo Find X support 5G?


What is 5G?

Before we know whether Oppo Find X support 5G, we should figure out what is 5G. 5G is short for 5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems. 5G is a marketing term for some new mobile technologies. Definitions differ and confusion is common. The ITU IMT-2020 standard provides for speeds up to 20 gigabits per second and has only been demonstrated with millimeter waves of 15 gigahertz and higher frequency. The more recent 3GPP standard includes any network using the NR New Radio software. 5G New Radio can include lower frequencies, from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. However, the speeds in these lower frequencies are only modestly higher than new 4G systems, estimated at 15% to 50% faster. At least at the lower frequencies, 5G is evolutionary.


Does Oppo Find X Support 5G?

Due to the 5G network has not yet been officially run, Oppo Find X doesn’t support 5G at present despite Oppo invested lots of resources in 5G. As for the later stage, if the 5G network comes out, it will not be necessary whether the Oppo Find series launch the 5G version.

Will Present Smartphones Support 5G?

There is one answer from Quora: Where 5G implies new forms of wireless (e.g. LoRa, millimeter wireless) then of course the phone in your pocket now can’t work that way, and never will do, since it doesn’t have the hardware built-in. However, 5G implies a new type of core network that probably will be used to support existing cellular devices, but this will be via existing LTE/WiFi radio.

There may never be a “5G smartphone”, as such, because 5G may be more important in application areas that are not yet well-served, for example the Internet of Things, Intelligent Transport Systems, wireless backhaul and application areas not yet conceived using millimeter wireless.

So the answer is emphatically no, and paradoxically yes.


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