Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Battery Capacity and Charging Speed


The official launch date of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is August 9. The brand new Note 9 will be released in Brooklyn, New York at 11 am EST. New Note phones are always big news because it’s an Android phone with a large screen, handy S Pen and a heap of power. How’s the power of Note 9? Will it be even stronger than Note 8?


A recent rumor states that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may have a 4,000mAh battery which is approximately 20% larger than the Galaxy Note 8, and it is claimed to last up to two days. The smaller battery was an intentional decision following the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s combustible battery fiasco.  However, a larger display, more storage, more RAM and a larger battery will also come with extra weight, additional thickness and longer charge time. 

However, according to the statement from an insider on Forbes, the charging specification of Galaxy Note 9 has not be improved. The EP-TA200 charger has a maximum power of 10W, Like the S7/S8/S9. With such low charging power, how long does the 4,000mAh fully charged take? It’s about 2.5 hours to charge from 0 to 1000%. The leaker also points out that while theoretical values could be higher than 10W, it’s a Samsung decision to limit to this figure. While most rivals improve the fast charging at 18W or even 20W, why would Samsung make this decision?

There are two possible explanations. Firstly, aggressive fast charging can dramatically impact the capacity and battery lifetime. Considering the Samsung’s well-publicised Galaxy Note 7 battery problems and it’s subsequent promise that phones will retain 95% of their battery capacity after two years when most rivals claim circa 70%, it’s understandable that Samsung chooses the limited charging speed. Secondly, Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s battery rumors to be 4,000mAh and is claimed to last up to two days. Samsung may believe aggressive fast charging is unnecessary. 

We can’t judge whether Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deserve to buy or not just knowing it’s charging speed. Let’s wait to find out more surprise of it at August 9th’s releasement. 

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