How to quick charge Samsung Galaxy S9


With respect to the quick charge protocol, Samsung didn’t take the lead for adopting the latest technology, probably the Galaxy Note 7 fire risk stopped the development of Samsung’s quick charge, however, Apple had made a progress on PD fast charging on iPhone 8 line and iPhone X, OnePlus continued its fastest Dash Charge in the industry, What have Samsung done on its newest Galaxy S9 flagship? Is there any upgrade?

Reportedly, Samsung Galaxy S9 does not charge any faster than S8, specifically, it still has Qualcomn Quick Charge 2.0, not the Quick Charge 4.0 we have seen on other devices. Disappointed?Samsung released a fast wireless charging stand, which helps you experience even faster wireless 9W charging speeds with a Samsung Galaxy S9, apparently it’s faster than the predecessors, while it’s not so impressive as the Ravpower 10W Qi wireless quick charging pad for Samsung Galaxy S9, the selling price is only at $39.99 currently and a QC 3.0 wall charger is included.


How to quick charge Samsung Galaxy S9 if there’s nothing updated in the box? Apply a compatible charger to maximize the charging speed as fast as possible. As the battery capacity stays the same as the Galaxy S8 line, the time to fully charge Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn’t change much. If you use the genuine adaptive fast charger comes in the box with the phone, it takes  about 100 minutes to fully charge a Galaxy S9 from completely flat. The output of Samsung adaptive charger is 9V 1.67A or 5V 2A , as Samsung Galaxy S9 supports Quick Charge 2.0 it should be able to offer 12V at 1.2A as well. 


Theoretically, the genuine charger should sport the fastest charging speed, however, most phone giants would not reveal too much details about its charging capability, how fast it could adopt,  Like Apple, if you apply the higher-power output charger of iPad to charge iPhone, the charging speed could be higher than the classical way. I suggest the Samsung Galaxy S9 users can try to use a QC3.0-enabled charger, not only to test if the new machine is compatible with an advanced charging protocol, but also for future-proof to avoid frequent update of accessories along with the industry.

Charging Accessories Recommendation:

1.Anker Quick Charge 3.0 43.5W 4-Port USB Wall Charger $27.99


4-port is relatively better than a single port charger as you can charge several devices at full speed simultaneously. Anker is one of the best digital accessory brands worldwide, and the selling price is quite reasonable at $27.99 for a high-quality product.

2. EasyAcc MegaCharge D20 USB-C 20000mAh power bank $49.99


We have already known that Samsung Galaxy S9 uses the USB-C port for charging, thus a USB-C power bank is perfect for S9 product line. EasyAcc MegaCharge D20 is the only 4-output portable charger with anti-reverse USB-C ports thoughtfully designed for customers. It’s compatible with quick charge 3.0 protocol and optimizes your charging solution at maximum. Double 5A inputs with USB-C reduce the recharge time to 4.5 hours, the shortest recharging experience for a 20000 mAh power bank, It’s able to charge S9 for about 4.5 times. 



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