How to Force Close An App When Swiping Up Doesn’t Work on iPhone X

As the most innovative iPhone of Apple in recent ten years, iPhone X canceled the existence of Home button, and gestures instead. Due to the absence of the Home button, the operation to close the background applications of iPhone X has also undergone great changes.

iPhone X takes full advantage of its full screen and introduces facial recognition to unlock the iPhone. We can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to close the application, and it is also a smart choice for Apple to add a gesture bar on the bottom of the screen. As a subtle tip, this bar will also appear when the screen is in the landscape mode, which is a good reminder. For many friends who want the use of iPhone X to be simpler, the real question is how to force close an app when swiping up doesn’t work on iPhone X.

Maybe too many apps are draining your battery, or maybe you don’t want to do things in the background. If you need to quit running apps on iPhone X, you may have noticed that the normal swipe up gesture does not work to close the app on your iPhone X. Instead, iPhone X has a new method of closing apps. Thanks to the quick gesture, force closing apps on iPhone X is not a big deal. Follow the steps.

Step 1: Open the app switcher. Swipe up from the bottom gesture bar, pause for a moment and locate the application you want to close.

Step 2:Press and hold the app card until a red (-) minus symbol appears in the top left corner.

Step 3:Tap the red (-) minus symbol to quit the application.

That’s it. 3 simple steps solve the quit application problem. But you can’t close apps if you are on a call, so keep it in mind when you are on a call in case of your iPhone X get stuck. Once the iPhone X get stuck, press the wake-up/sleep button to shut off the screen, press it again and follow the steps. You might not used to the gestures in the beginning, while once a use forever a custom.

What do you think of the removal of Home button on iPhone X? Do you have other tips to force close an app when swiping up doesn’t work on iPhone X? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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