How to Use Face ID on the iPhone X

Apple is full of confidence naturally based on advanced technology to ensure that Face ID is better than Touch ID in the experience of speed and security. Now Apple canceled the Touch ID and brought the new Face ID to iPhone X. The white paper of Apple systematically described how Face ID works, how to set, familiar issues and security privacy. For example, Face ID adopted sophisticated anti-fraud neural network, which can not be verified by ordinary 2D digital photos, prints, masks or other camouflage techniques.


In addition, Face ID can sense the user’s face and recognize that whether user’s eyes are open so that others can not unlock your iPhone X without your stare, such as when you are sleeping. That’s right, just face scanning and you can simply unlock your phone X, buy an app, pay for Apple Pay and so on.

How to use Face ID?

Face ID takes the place of the original Touch ID, but like the original fingerprinting, you can record multiple faces. To recognize the features of your face, you will be asked to gently move your head to complete the circle to ensure that Face ID captures your entire facial information.

It’s also easy to unlock your iPhone X. When you pick up the iPhone X, the screen will automatically light up, at this moment as long as you look at the screen, Face ID will automatically recognize your face and unlock the iPhone X. The process of using Apple Pay is also very convenient, double-click the side button to arouse Apple Pay and face to iPhone X to complete the authorization. Then close the iPhone X to the corresponding NFC payment device, the whole process is completed.

In addition, thanks to Face ID, your iPhone X not only recognize whether the face is yours but also knows whether you are staring at the screen to implement a series of useful features, such as details of the notification are only displayed on the lock screen when the Face ID identifies you; the screen stays on when it finds you are staring at the screen. You can find the corresponding options in iOS 11 to open these sweet features.

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