How to print from iPhone X


Starting with the release of the first iPhone in 2007, the sales of iPhone has grown exponentially. Before the Sept. 12 launch, the iPhone actually had two product lines: digital series, SE. The release of iPhone X brings the iPhone’s third product line. I have to say that iPhone X is a milestone product of Apple Co. As the new iPhone, it was the first full-screen iPhone and canceled the Home button. In addition, the iPhone X uses an OLED screen for the first time, with a resolution of 2436 * 1125 (458ppi), but the most attractive feature of the new iPhone is the new facial recognition system.


Many consumers are still questioning the nature of the iPhone X’s new features. Since the most advanced technology had been featured in, whether iPhone X can connect to the printer and meet the customer demand for “back to basics”? Generally, there are two ways to connect iPhone X to printer.

1.Use AirPrint


Some manufacturers used to work together to make their printers be able to connect AirPrint, a platform built for iPhone. With AirPrint, users can easily print complete photos and documents from iPhone X without installing other software. Most popular printer models have built-in AirPrint features. The features are easy to find, automatic selection of media, and enterprise print post-processing options. You can search for AirPrint-enabled devices through the Apple official support page to see if your printer can use AirPrint. The usage routine of AirPrint can be viewed through here,there’s no exception for iPhone X.

2.Print Apps

What if the printer does not support AirPrint? What to do to connect your iPhone X to printer? Go to visit the iTunes app store and find some print apps. Here are some widely praised apps listed below.


HP ePrint is a free print application. To use it, of course, the user needs a network HP printer or any internet-enabled HP printer that supports the printing of the phone. The app can also print the cloud to a printer that supports HP ePrint, which can be printed from the home as well as from a public printing device.

Print applications from IRM also support many printers, including all AirPrint printers. Similarly, PrintCentral is able to connect iPhone X to printers, the better thing about it is that when wi-fi is not available, the app allows iPhone X to be connected on a mobile network.

Highly Rated Printer Recommendation:

HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing



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