Should I Install iOS 11.2?

It is unfortunate to many iFans the other day. When iPhone users woke up and opened their iPhone or iPad to find out the device keep restarting over and over again. As complaints are heard everywhere, more and more Apple users try to figure this failure out, Apple found that this is not a long plan for the future. In for a penny, in for a pound. Apple upgraded the previously released iOS11.2 beta version to iOS11.2 official version, published it to every Apple user worldwide.

What is iOS11.2 for?

This official version of iOS11.2 is a result of 6 beta versions which has a certain guarantee of stability and performance. Moreover, the most important effect of the latest version of iOS11.2 is to completely solve this serious problem of iPhone restart infinitely. Just for that, there is no reason to refuse to upgrade.

Apple claims the wireless charging power of iPhone8 and iPhone X could be up to 7.5W. However, when it was officially on sale, even two third-party wireless charging pads recommended by Apple only supported the charging speed of 5W, which makes a gimmick to the wireless charging. With the current version of iOS11.2 update, now you can enjoy the fast charging speed of 7.5W as soon as you use the Mophie or Belkin wireless pad, so that iPhone X can be completed fast charged within 2 hours from 0% to 100%. This speed is much faster than a random 5W wired charger, but also let the wireless charging really come into force.

Despite heated discussion on MacRumors, I installed iOS11.2 on my iPhone. Just after upgrading about 5-6 minutes, the speed seems more fluid and stable than iOS11.1.2. That is fewer dropped frames, which gives a real sense of smooth and steady. After an hour of frequent use, even if it is playing an online game, my subjective feeling is not much different from iOS11.1.2. So if you are paying attention to the battery life or you are already using iOS11.1.2, then you can upgrade it to the newest iOS11.2, because there is no obvious difference of power consumption between the two versions for the time being.

Should I install iOS11.2? Is it worth upgrading the iOS11.2? From my point of view,  if you have an iPhone 6 with iOS10.3, then you’d better consider carefully, the chip speed of iPhone 6 and below might not catch up with iOS 11.2. And if you have an iPhone 6s, iPhone 7/7 plus or iPhone 8/8 plus, then I suggest you could keep up with the pace, and immediately upgrade it to the official version of iOS11.2.  

Are you going to upgrade to iOS 11.2? Let me know by commenting down below.


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