How to Fast Charge the iPhone X

Did you pick up a brand new iPhone X to explore different enjoyment? Fast charging and wireless charging already aren’t something new, but iPhone family never join the party until the iPhone X comes out. In the aspect of smartphone fast charging, it can be said that Apple is far behind the Android. It’s not about the system, it more depends on the manufacturer’s hardware level. According to Apple, users can use the fast charge to recharge iPhone X up to 50 percent battery in 30 minutes. Here are some basic conditions you need if you want to fast charge your iPhone X as soon as possible.

USB-C to Lightning Cable

The first important thing you need is a USB-C to Lightning cable. But it can’t be any third-party USB-C to Lightning cable. You need to buy one from Apple. Yes, it’s an Apple one. Apple controls the specification of Lightning, it hasn’t allowed any third-party producers to make their own cables yet. If you see a third-party USB-C to Lightning cable on the market, for the purpose of safety, you’d better not buy it. For now, you have one-meter cable or two-meter cable to choose from Apple.

USB-C Charger

Apart from the USB-C to Lightning cable, you need a USB-C charger support it. Different from USB-C to Lightning cable, alternatively, there are kinds of USB-C chargers you can pick. USB-C charger offers faster and efficient charging whenever you are at home or even on the go. Besides Apple USB-C power adapter, I’d love to recommend Aukey 27W USB-C charger and Anker PowerPort Speed 30W USB-C charger. Both of them are foldable plug design and compact size ensure maximum portability wherever you want to go.

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The USB-C to Lightning cable and USB-C charger are necessary to fast charge the iPhone X as far as possible. While some tricks also help you charge the iPhone X faster. Such as turn off the screen. Make sure the screen stays off while charging, or it will make your charging stay longer. I’ve tested many times, the light screen costs much electricity, let alone play online games or watch videos. I highly recommend to shut down the iPhone X while charging unless you are waiting for an important call or message, it can save the most time when you are in an emergency.

Whatever how you want to fast charge your iPhone X, Type-C port is certainly the mainstream of the future. With battery technology has no breakthrough, fast charging can save more time on user experience. Quick charge technology and the USB-C interface are bound to combine further.


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