Should I Buy Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE


The newest Apple Watch, Series 3, was announced at Apple’s September 12 event where iPhone 8 & 8 Plus and iPhone X and Apple TV 4K were unveiled. Although iPhone 8/ 8 Plus and iPhone X are more eye-catching, Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE still drew some people’s attention. Should you buy Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE? Let’s find the answer.

Should I Buy Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE?


Mentionable Advantage

Becomes a Cell Phone

Featured with LTE, Apple Watch Series 3 is no longer dependent on your phone. It can make and receive phone calls, send emails, speak with Siri, send messages and do many of the things you can with your iPhone when you’re disconnected from your iPhone. It’s great for when you leave your iPhone at home, or your iPhone’s battery dies, or you just want to be “disconnected” from your phone for a while. And it’s easier to sync music.


Greater Features for Sport Tracking

Compared to Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 3 including non-LTE and LTE version featured with water resistant up to 50 meters, rather than splash resistant. Since sport tracking as an important sell point of Apple watch, this improvement will bring benefits for those sports enthusiasts. Besides, added barometric altimeter, built-in GPS and improved fitness data tracking will bring you ultimate experience when you work out or do sports. How To Use Apple Watch To Find Your iPhone Quickly

Same Size with last generation’s Apple Watch

This means if you owned an old Apple Watch, the accessories you bought can still be used for the new one. It helps you to save a large amount of money.


Possible Disadvantage

Only Available without Limit in the United States

Recently, an Apple representative replied question to MacRumors users saying, Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE purchased in the US store only cooperates with the four US operators, which means Apple Watch’s call function won’t work when it is out of the United States. Furthermore, Apple states, “To cover the LTE and UMTS bands used around the world, there are three separate cellular models, each tailored to the locale where it is sold.1 There is no single model that supports roaming worldwide. To see which networks in your country or region offer cellular service for Apple Watch, refer to the chart below.” As a substitute of a phone, this must be intolerable.

1-Hour Duration with Internet Connection

According to the information Apple released, Apple Watch Series 3’s endurance is up to 18 hours, which means you can only check time for 90 times, receive 90 notifications, play apps for 45 minutes and tracking sports for 30 minutes when listening to music. How to charge Apple watch for the first time

However, when it connects with iPhone through Bluetooth, one charge can stand 3-hour phone call. When you call through LTE network, 1 hour is the top line.


Keep trying to connect unknown Wi-Fi in the independent access network modes

According to a review online, Apple Watch Series 3 will frequently try to connect with unknown Wi-Fi network in the independent access network modes. And LTE will be stopped in this process so you can’t access to the network regularly. Although Apple has found the root of the problem and stated they are fixing it. But it is in suspense that when the problem can be solved. How to Charge Apple Watch – With and Without a Charger


In concluding, Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE doesn’t seem to be a good choice. Apple Watch Series 3 without LTE is more considerable. And you can save $70 as well.

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