Best Camera App for iPhone X


iPhone X, can be said that Apple’s revolutionary product, not only it adopts the ultimate use of the overall screen design, but also has facial recognition, wireless charging and many other high technologies. In addition, in fact, taking pictures is also one of its big selling points. As we all know, in the early time iPhone is recognized as the best camera phone. But in recent years, with the rise of Android team and the rapid spread of various imaging technologies, iPhone camera performance has been slowly forgotten. Of course, in the high-end smartphone team, iPhone camera performance is still at a high level.

Are you looking for the best camera app for upcoming iPhone X? Whatever you are a normal user or photo enthusiast, while the native iPhone X camera app has some great features, sometimes you still need more powerful function. With so many apps available in the Apple store, it is hard to distinguish which one is good to use. Here are the best camera apps for iPhone X to make your photos stand out.



Snapseed is a smartphone application for processing pictures. It has rich filters and can deal with picture detail. The operation of Snapseed is not complicated, novice can easily learn to use Snapseed to enhance the effect of photos, adjust and share photos. The automatic function can automatically analyze the photos and adjusts the colors and exposure. One of the biggest advantages that the application edits images’ saturability, contrast and such in selective areas. For example: if the left of your picture looks darker than the right of the picture, you can point to that area and edit it until it seems the same brightness as the right of the picture.


Different from many of Adobe tools require a desktop to run, Lightroom is one of the most feature-rich apps compared to other camera apps, especially for iPhone X photographers who want to edit their work while on the move. The most appealing aspect of Lightroom for iPhone X is the app’s ability to sync with your Creative Cloud account. It automatically syncs images with its desktop counterpart and allows you to quickly edit your photos efficiently.


If you are looking for a camera app that will help with a wide array of advanced capture and editing, why not take Camera+ into account for your iPhone X? Camera+ is a stellar contender in the photography section of the App Store for a long time. In Camera+ you can set the focus and exposure separately. Even if the iPhone X makes all the colors appear true and luxuriant, you can manually operate the white balance function to change your pictures to a different style.


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