Is the iPhone X Screen Area Smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus


Apple just released its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus not long ago, but you may don’t want to buy your new iPhone right now because of its iPhone X which claimed to be the most charming one of apple family. Are you making comparison between them and waiting for the iPhone X to come out? If you want to figure out which one is worthy buying, the display is the first thing you should focus!


Display size

Aspect ratio

Screen-to-body ratio

iPhone X

5.85 inches



iPhone 8 plus

5.5 inches


or 1.78:1


From what the table shows, it is obvious that the iPhone X’s 5.85 inches display is bigger than that of the iPhone 8 plus’s 5.5 inches.  So is the iPhone 8 plus screen area smaller than the iPhone X? Actually what you see is not what it is because the information above cannot tell you their screen area directly. It should be calculated by some relatively complicated math procedures. Generally, we need to measure screen rectangle size and calculate rounded edges and cutout size so we can have the total screen area size in points by do some subtractions.


Thankfully, phone has done the job.

Screen Area

( in points)


iPhone 8 plus

296,724 points

304,704 points

If you need the process of this result please click the line to check the calculation.

But obviously, screen area is not the single reason which affects your decision. If you don’t care about the money, you can put the price aside (even though the iPhone X is over 40% expensive than the iPhone 8) and weigh other features of the iPhone X.

Its shift to OLED delivers a much greater contrast ratio (1,000,000:1 vs. 1,400:1) and power savings. Meanwhile the increased resolution and pixel density of the iPhone X are the highest ever seen on an iPhone. On the top of it, you may want to try something new like face ID which suggests by Rumors that this facial technology will capture more data points than a fingerprint scan.


Identical with the iPhone 8 plus, it also supports wireless charging and wired quick charging. Although I don’t see much more convenience from wireless charging, as a kind of new technology, it always seems attractive.


We can see many other subtle difference between iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X relating to their camera, design and storage etc., but what counts most in the end is not whether the iPhone X screen area smaller than the iPhone plus or not but whether you are willing to pay extra money for some of the new designs and technologies.


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