Which iPhone 8 case should I get


iPhone 8 is the latest iPhone and it can be preordered since September 15. iPhone 8 stands for the most advanced device from Apple and many of us just can’t wait to have a try. However, what we should also know is that what kind of iPhone 8 case can we get to provide the best protection for our loved phones.


What does a phone case do
You may need to know what a phone case is used for before you purchase any item. Well, in this day and age, destroying one’s cellphone due to drops, spills or mishandling could mean a significant loss of income for anyone, especially when it is iPhone 8. Thus, a phone case’s job is predominantly to protect any danger of being broken.


Equally importantly, iPhone 8 is full-glass body, any drop could cause a screen even whole body breaking, thus protection is definitely needed. Furthermore, some of us are big fans of making changes and phones seem to be their best choices. By choosing phone cases of different look could easily change iPhone 8’s appearance.

EasyAcc hybrid case for iPhone 8
iPhone 8 cases are a dime a dozen now on the market, what makes EasyAcc different from others?


The design of this EasyAcc iPhone 8 case is based on the confirmed model of iPhone 8, which ensures it perfectly suits the phone. As for the front of the case, it is slightly thicker than the phone itself, so your iPhone 8 will be alright when it is dropped and hits the ground on its face and the front camera would be perfectly well.The back is all-wrapped except for the camera. The material is robust enough to bear serious damages. Anyway, being strong to take impacts doesn’t mean its buttons are not flexible, it’s quite handy and the button clicking is extremely comfortable.


Olixar FlexiShield iPhone 8 / 7 Gel Case

olixar_flexishield_iphone_8 / 7_gel_case

This Olixar is a real expert at designing phone cases as its products range from iPhone 4 to iPhone 8 case and this company ranks are really high in the field of phone cases. This iPhone 8 case is not only strong, but also makes it less possible for your phone to go through any danger as a non-slip coating for extra grip is designed. The selected material provides you with extra grip for your phone, which minimizes the chance of dropping your device.
Moreover, if you like to change the appearance of your iPhone, Olixar is the best place to go. Its iPhone 8 case series include almost any color you could come up with, red, black, gold, rose gold,carbon fibre gold, just any color!

iPhone 8 Wallet Case


EasyAcc wallet case provides you with a brand new experience in using iPhone 8.
Except for robust protection, this wallet case for iPhone 8 can be folded into a phone stand and you don’t have to hold your phone when making video calls with your friends. The magnetic cover wraps your phone snugly, and prevents the case from accidentally opening while dropped. There is also space to place cards, which is convenient for users.

Above are some terrific cases for iPhone 8.They are not just protections for your iPhone 8, but also fabulous decorations which could make your special in the crowd. Anyway, these cases are really fantastic and I strongly recommend you to have one!


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