Is it bad to use iPad while charging


Nowadays, iPad has been quite popular , and almost every family is equipped with a brand new iPad Air.  But there also are some concerns about the safety of using phone while charging. Because we often hear unfortunate stories about gadget batteries catching fire and even exploding, sometimes causing harm to the unsuspecting user.  So, when you are expecting the presence of iPad, will you be anxious about its safety? Is it bad to use iPad while charging? In this essay, I will explain the reasons of iPad explosion and try to draw some conclusions.


I now know that the explosion rate of iPad is remarkably lower than the figure of iPhone. And in November 2011, Apple recalled its iPod Nano music players because the batteries in older models were prone to overheating and catching fire. Generally speaking, lithium-ion batteries seldom bulge or explode.


(It is the standard of iPad battery.)

But when they do, it may has two leading causes. The first is a puncture, however, it seldom happened. On the other hand, high temperature may be extremely dangerous .With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung and various reports suggest that the issue is caused when the device is charging. Excessive heat can cause again internal short circuit within the battery, by breaking down the internal cells. However, this only usually occurs at very high temperature, unless the battery is faulty. Overcharging may also be an issue, which is caused by batteries receiving more current than they can safely handle, causing them to overheat.

 Click here to understanding how Lithium-ion batteries fail


So, is it bad to use iPad while charging? Personally,I think it is too dangerous for you to do that. Using phone while charging tends to heat up your phone and excessive heating can cause component overheating. Besides, if you are using it, it may also slower the charging speed for your ipad. And if you do it very often, the battery will begin to bulge or grow in size. Once the battery swells then you’ll gave many problems. What’s more, it may decrease battery life a little over the long haul.


But if you have to use your iPad while charging, you must know that only use original chargers or officially licensed chargers. Some third party chargers have been known to cause problems, mostly with overheating (which probably won’t hurt your iPad, but might hurt you should it get so hot it could burn you or even explode).

EasyAcc PowerEdge 30W


EasyAcc PowerEdge is outstanding for many reasons. Firstly, it speeds up to 4 times faster than conventional charger and the quick charge port powers compatible devices up to 80% in 35 minutes.Besides, it adopts the Smart Charge technology. That means each port outputs an exact current your devices require as the original chargers do. What’s more, its palm-gripping size with the foldable plug makes it really handy for travel.

In conclusion, although it is a totally common phenomenon that some people use iPad while charging, I still suggest you would better not do it for the consideration of safety. And I hope you have a great experience with iPad.





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