IPhone 8 VS Samsung S8


IPhone 8 VS Galaxy S8, which will be the winner of the first show? This head to head battle between Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 is likely to be the most important smartphone face-off this year. When Samsung Galaxy S8 first released on this April 21, many people marveled at its superior design and in the meantime, Samsung Galaxy S8 was compared with the upcoming so-called “iPhone 8” by some people. So here let’s delve into the comparisons between the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8. First of all I will show you a comparison table about them(the data of iPhone 8 are base on some selected rumors) and some comments from the Samsung Galaxy S8 users to help you better know the products and differences of these two stunning smartphones.


The Comparison Table


IPhone 8 (According to some rumors)

Galaxy S8


$1000 USD

$750 USD


Gold; Rose Gold White; Silver; Jet Black

Midnight Black; Orchild Grey; Arctic Silver; Maple Gold; Coral Blue

Screen Size



Display Resolution

1920 x 1310 pixels

2960 x 1440 pixels

Color Display



Operating System

Apple iOS 11

Android 7.0

Internal Storage

32GB/128GB/ 256GB Storage

64GB Storage







Camera Features

Dual Led Flash, 4K Video Recording

Light Source Dual LED Flash,  4K Video Recording

Front Camera

8 Megapixels

8 Megapixels

Rear Camera

16 Megapixels

12 Megapixels

Intelligent Assistant



Special Features

Water-Resistant; Wireless Charging; Retina Eye Scanner; Fast charging; 5G Technology; Finger Printer Scanner

Water-Resistant(IP68); Wireless Charging; Gigabit LET-Ready; New Gear VR; DeX Dock



Selected Comments

  • Anonymous: Absolutely love it! It has got camera which is better than new sony xperia xz premium and even iPhone 7! I compared them personally and the quality of Samsung camera left two others far behind! The design is absolutely lovely! So far I’m over the moon with my phone!
  • Wandy: Nice to look at but VERY VERY delicate. It’s a very nice phone with some lovely features. Nice camera not much different from previous models, to be total honest. Downside to the phone that we found out after having it a few hours is it’s not made of toughened glass. I can’t say I would recommend the phone now due to how delicate it is. Maybe go for the model below of wait for a stronger phone to be released.


From this comparison table we could see the differences between iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 easily. And the comments just show us some strong and weak points of the Galaxy S8 like nice camera and fragile screen . But all in all, no matter who wins the battle, we consumers can always benefit from it. And what we need to do is wait and see what marvelous phones will be created.




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