What Should I Do to Charge Lithium Ion Battery First Time


Battery life is crucial in the use of devices, without endurable battery you are likely to meet up with various dilemmas in the case of battery over used up. We know that a good charging habit not only ensures safety but also prolong the battery life. The followings are all you want to know about charging Lithium Ion Battery for the first time.

Lithium-ion battery


Lithium ion batteries are more reliable than older technologies such as nickel-cadmium and don’t suffer from a problem known as the “memory effect” (where nicad batteries appear to become harder to charge unless they’re discharged fully first). Since lithium-ion batteries don’t contain cadmium, they are also more environmentally friendly. Besides, Lithium-ion battery has a higher energy density than most other types of rechargeable. This means that they can store more energy than other rechargeable batteries under the same size and weight. Furthermore, a lower self-discharge rate of them also means that they are likely to work for a longer time than other types of rechargeable batteries once being charged.


However, Lithium-ion batteries require sophisticated chargers that can carefully monitor the charge process. And because of their different shapes and sizes each type of Li-ion battery requires a charger designed to accommodate its particular size. This means lithium ion battery chargers are more expensive and more difficult to find than NiMH and NiCd battery chargers.

Considering the characteristics of Lithium-ion batteries, the following suggestions can be advisable.
Firstly, you should use the original charger of the device and avoid the use of emulational chargers.


Secondly, do not often charge the Lithium-ion batteries frequently and do it until the device shows that the battery is in a low position.


Thirdly, you’d better once a week drain out the battery until it warns you to charge and finish the full charge.
Fourthly, avoid frequently over charging and discharging. Over charging with a low quality charger may let the battery’s interior rise to a high temperature, which is bad for the lithium ion battery and charger.


Fifthly, avoid using in high or low temperature environment. If they’re continually used in extreme temperature environments, this will negatively affect battery use time and useful cycles.


Sixthly, avoid touching metal contacts. When carrying batteries around, do not let the contacts touch metal objects such as keys. This could cause a short circuit, damaging the battery or potentially resulting in a fire or an explosion.


Seventhly, avoid using lithium ion batteries which are hot after being fully charged. If you use the hot batteries immediately, the electronic gadget’s internal temperature will rise, which may negatively affect the device’s electronic components.
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What Should I Do to Charge Lithium Ion Battery First Time》有2个想法

  1. The only thing you got right is to charge in a moderate temperature, you can’t over charge it, draining it down and recharging it only calibrates the battery meter and only needs to be done a couple times a year. Just use it and charge it when you want as long as you want because it is a smart battery.


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