Best Headphones for Conference Calls


The upshot of the appearance of mobile phone and internet benefit official business a lot. With a high quality headphone, you can attend meetings held far away in your own office so you can reduce costs on your way of travel. There are tons of options on the market from wireless connectivity to noise-cancellation. This article will recommend you of some best headphones for conference calls.


RHA T10i
When considering a headphone for conference, noise isolation should come firstly. Usually, with tight-fitting headphone, you will get much cable noise when you’re walking but RHA T10i weakens it in a large degree because of the over-ear hook. With a dedicate in-ear design and mental body, it features a high quality sound which far better than many other headphones. For another thing which gives RHA T10i an advantage over other headphones is the interchangeable tuning filters. You can adjust your sound slightly so that you can get head melting bass or a more pure sound.


Oppo MP-3
Oppo MP-3 comes with a more compact and closed-back design which makes it not only excellent for at-home listening but also far better for out. Compare to traditional headphones, it use planar magnetic driver. This method of constructing and moving the diaphragm produces accurate sound frequencies with minimal distortion. You can buy this competitive Oppo MP-3 at $399 on


Bose QuietComfort 35
The market leader in noise-cancelling headphones, nowadays, has gone with wireless. And Bose is the top listed wireless headphones I recommend here. Its battery life has improved to the extent that you don’t constantly have to worry about your headphones running out of juice midway through a meeting; the powerful technology such as NFC has also made the process of pairing much easier. It is the first time that Bose supports iconic noise-cancelling in a wireless headphone. When attending a conference call, you are much likely to be surprised by its performance.


Jabra UC Voice 550 Duo
Jabra is a best office headset which designed very comfortable to wear thanks to its soft, well-padded ear cups that don’t put pressure on your ears. Various modules are provided with a good sound quality. It is good at noise-cancellation, but still you can hear some outside voice in case that you need to communicate with your colleagues while taking a conference call.


EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Earbuds
EasyAcc Earbuds is one of the budget headphones you can require for conference which designed with ergonomic ear hook crafted from soft mental. Its rechargeable battery can support you 6 hours with only 2 hours charging. APT-X audio decode technology and CVC 6.0 working together makes the EasyAcc Earbuds splendid both on listening music and making calls. Unluckily, the product is out of stock on Maybe it will available in the near future.
All of the products I recommend above are competitive; you can pick one according to your preference within your budget.And if you have any good idea, please comment below! Your tricks and tips are always welcome!


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