How to Avoid Samsung Galaxy S8 from Explosions


The explosion reports of Samsung Note 7 raised many people’s concern towards the safety of phones. According to the report, the reason behind the Note 7 fires comes down to irregularly sized batteries which caused the overheating. Though Galaxy S8 is armed with qualified constructed batteries, you still need to take precautions against its explosion for the consideration of safety. Here I will introduce how to avoid Samsung Galaxy S8 from explosions.

What can make a battery explode?


There are two easy ways to make a lithium battery explode — heat, and physical damage. Overheating and overcharging is the most common for a battery fails. When something goes wrong in the charging circuit and the input power continues to drive the chemical reaction, one place in the battery will eventually get too hot and, since it is still being charged, it can’t cool down, causing what’s known as thermal runaway. The heat expands the electrolyte and creates steam, building pressure until the battery casing splits and forces out all the pressure and some very hot, very sticky and flammable gooey liquid and eventually causes explosion.


Mechanical damage is another reason for explosion. Lithium batteries are designed to be lightweight, deliver high output, and be easy to charge. This means that the outside shell and the barriers are very thin and light, which makes them fairly easy to be punctured or tore. If the structure of the battery itself is damaged in a way that makes the electrodes touch, a short circuit will happen and finally result in an explosion.

How to avoid your phone from explosion?


On the basis of its two explosion reasons, we can take some precautions. When your phone is too hot and can’t charge or run at full speed, you need to cool it down and stop using it for a while. Besides, you should avoid dismantling the battery at your willingness. When your battery goes into trouble and you can’t restart it anymore, you’d better turn to the professionals and stop charging it.


Moreover, charging your phone with qualified and matching chargers is also of importance. Inappropriate charger not only slows down the charging efficiency but also carries potential danger. You are required to use the original charger as possible and avoid using some unknown chargers. Here I would like to give a reliable recommendation for your better use.

EasyAcc 30W 2-Port with QC3.0 Wall Charger


It has a smart regular amp charger port, and a fast charging port, which allows you to charge two phones at the same time. According to the official statistics, its quick charge port offers up to 4 times faster charge than conventional charger. And its smart one offers fast charge to almost USB devices as the original chargers do. It is a great travel charger for its design of compact body, folding plugs and quick charge ability. However, be care that the smart charge port would not charge the Samsung Note 10.1 but the quick charge port will.

To sum up, to avoid the explosion of Samsung Galaxy S8, you are required to avoid overheating and overcharging your phone and at the same time keep your battery intact. Besides, it is also important to choose a qualified charger.


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