How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Faster


Probably you already pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus for yourself and loved ones. What attracted us of Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus without no doubt must be the Bixby assistant and expand screen. The screen of Galaxy S8 is not the same as normal smartphones. Normal smartphones have a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, but the Galaxy S8 has an 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen, so the Galaxy S8’s body remains slender and comfortable to use with no wider. The only compatible smartphone is LG recently published  G6. As for Bixby, you can regard it as the improved Siri. Wake it up by the specific button on the left or voice command. Accomplish any task you order such as translate the interface’s language, identify pictures.

Samsung S8 optimized different aspects while the battery capacity is not improved much. Meanwhile, expand screen and multitasking make Galaxy S8’s capacity consume faster. Here the question comes out, how to charge Samsung Galaxy S8 faster when it run out of battery?


Three efficient tips there to charge Galaxy S8 faster.

Tip 1. Use charger instead of USB port

There are a number of ways to charge smartphones, the main methods are using charger or plug in the computer USB port, this time Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus also support wireless charging. But in the case of charging Galaxy S8 as fast as possible, you’d better choose the original charger instead of computer USB port or wireless charge. The reason is that the necessary current through the computer USB port is much lower than the current through the adapter in general. In addition, although Galaxy S8 supports wireless charging function, it is not as fast as charging with an adapter. Therefore, the best way to charge Galaxy S8 faster is using the charger.


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Tip 2. Shutdown or use flight mode

First of all, you need to know online games and video display using the most electricity.Therefore, turn off the Galaxy S8 screen and do not use the applications when charging. However, few people know that smartphone communication and information synchronization also waste a lot of power. Turn off the Galaxy S8 or use flight mode is the fastest charging method when you are in emergency. On account of all the communications abscission, charging efficiency will be greatly improved.

Tip 3. The hotter, the faster?


Definitely no. Due to smartphones includes Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus equipped with lithium batteries, charge and discharge efficiency will decline when the indoor temperature is too high or too low. Apple clarifies that iPhone has the best charging efficiency with indoor temperature of 22 ° C. And Android smartphone is also equipped with lithium-ion battery or lithium-ion polymer battery, so the appropriate indoor temperature for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is close to 22° C. Therefore, charging your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus avoid the indoor temperature is too high or too low, it’s another effective method to charge Samsung Galaxy S8 faster.

Follow the three tips here suggests, you can charge Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus faster than you think.


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