How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 without a Charger


If you travel out without bringing a charger or the charger is broken, how is going to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8? If you have no ideas, read this article. Actually, there are still various methods to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 without a charger. Let’s follow the tips bellow.


1.Charge your Galaxy S8 with a wireless charging pad

As we know, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, adopting Qi Inductive Charging Technology, can be powered up on a wireless charging pad. This is an easier charging way comparing to traditional cell phone charging method. Put your phone which supports Qi Inductive Charging Technology on the wireless charging pad, that’s all you should do. However, wireless charging pad isn’t an inbox-gadget. You have to pay extra money for it. If you had one already or you can borrow one from others, you can charge your Galaxy S8 with the wireless charging pad. It is unnecessary to borrow a wireless charging pad of Samsung brand. There are a lot of charging pads compatible with S8. Of course, wireless charge isn’t widely adopted at present. It may be difficult to get one. How to wireless charge Galaxy S8

2.Find a USB outlet

With the development of technology, gadgets used in daily life become more and more convenient. Lots of families and hotels are equipped with USB outlet. Therefore, chargers are superfluous in the circumstances. The only thing you need is the charging cable. Plug it in USB outlet and power up your Galaxy S8.

how-to-charge-samsung-galaxy-s8-without-a-charger-usb-outlet3.Charge your Galaxy S8 with a power bank

Comparing to the two methods above, charging your Galaxy S8 with a power bank seems easier to achieve. Power bank is portable and powerful so that nearly everyone has one power bank. It can charge your gadgets on the go or in an emergency. So if you don’t have one of your own at present, you should go and get one, such as EasyAcc 13000mAh Power Bank which can power your S8 more than 4 times.

how-to-charge-samsung-galaxy-s8-without-a-charger-power-bank4.Find a computer and connect it with S8

Connect your Galaxy S8 with a computer. It’s a common and easy way to charge it without a charger. Just plug the cable in the computer and connect the other side of charging cable to your S8. Your S8 will get juice from the computer, but it will take more time than directly connect to power. Notice that, the computer should be a USB-enabled computer.

how-to-charge-samsung-galaxy-s8-without-a-charger-computer-usb-port5.Charge Galaxy S8 in car

You may have charged your gadgets in a car previously. If you forgot to bring your charger, you can power up your S8 in a car. Plug your charging cable into the USB port in a car or the car charger and connect your S8. This may be the easiest way of all. And you can use your phone as navigation while charging.  

how-to-charge-samsung-galaxy-s8-without-a-charger-car-charger6.Check other electronics for USB ports

This may be the last way we would like to choose. If the methods above can’t solve your problem, you can try this one. There are some USB ports on televisions, stereo systems or even kitchen appliances. Connect S8 and USB port by a lightning cable. Sometimes, it may work and your S8 can be juiced up slowly in this way.

how-to-charge-samsung-galaxy-s8-without-a-charger-tv-usb-port7.Charge S8 with a solar charger

Worth to be mentioned, solar charger could be helpful as well when your S8 powers off outdoors. It can use the sunshine to power your gadgets. So it is perfect for outdoor activities. However, if you don’t like outdoor activities, it may be worthless.


Do you find the way to charge your Galaxy S8 without a charger? If not, you may need this article. There are several methods you never tried before.

How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S8 without a Charger》有4个想法

    1. Grab a cheap charging cable or block at the $store or any convenience store. Being cheap it will not work as fast as the good one that came with your device but hey any charge is better than no charge.

  1. Can you plss tell me is there easy way to charge a phone without the charger cause i need help i strugglening


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