Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight


Most of us are used to plugging our mobile phones overnight so that we can wake up to a full-charged smartphone. However, we also worry about it’ll damage our smartphone for overcharging. Generally, only 3 to 4 hours needed to full charge your smartphone, in order to greet morning with a full-charged mobile phone should you charge it overnight?
In fact, you can leave you phone plugged in overnight. As we all know, there is an evolution to battery in early 2000s from which most of mobile phone’s nickel-based batteries have been transited to lithium-based batteries because of many their advantages. First of all, they’re able to hold much more power while remaining fairly compact. To some extent, this is the reason why our smartphones become smaller and thinner. What’s more, lithium batteries have a much better lifespan and recharge fairly quickly. But makes it power-consuming.


Actually, what damages your battery is not charging your phone overnight but overheating. Our mobile phones are very smart, and with the power optimization our battery has become smarter as well. Android phones and iPhones are equipped with chips that protect them from absorbing excess electrical current once they are fully charged. As a result you don’t need to worry about overcharging, it will stop charging automatically.
While, that is not mean your act to plug you phone overnight charging doesn’t do any harm to your smartphone. Overcharging will not damage your smartphone but it will cause overheating which is a killer to lithium-based batteries. For this reason you’d better not do this frequently. And there are many tips to preserve your battery from reducing its longevity. Collect them for your daily use.


Tip1: keep your smartphone’s battery level between 40 percent and 80 percent. That is because there are a finite number of charge-and-discharge cycles for each lithium-based battery. Keep your battery within a proper level is always good to its health.
Tip2: avoid over charging your phone with fast charger. With our smartphone in hand every minute, the power is consumed in a quicker way. Many of us tend to fast charge our mobile phone. However, fast charge will cause a lot of hot to the smartphone which shorten the lifespan of our smartphone.


Tip3: protect your smartphone from overheating by charging it slowly. I mentioned above that overheating is one of the killers to damage your battery and fast charge always produce much hot, so think it from another aspect, to slowly charge it. How can you achieve it? Mr. Zeine, a manufacturer of charger suggested that you should charge your smartphone with a less powerful device. But this is cannot be guaranteed, it’s feasible in theory. If you are adventurous enough you can have a try.
Tip4: try not to use it when you charge your smartphone. It’s another reason leading to overheating. You must have the feeling that your smartphone are going to explode when you play games while charging. Just put your smartphone aside and have something else to kill your time.


Stop here you have already gotten the answer you want and equipped some tips to protect your battery additionally. As a core of your smartphone, you are capable of keeping it healthy now.


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