Best Wearable Fitness Trackers 2016



Many people strap on a fitness tracker or sportswatch to monitor how active they are, and in the hope it will help motivate them if they turn out to be more sloth-like than they’d expected.
This time last year, the open question was if smartwatches and all-purpose devices like the Apple watch would kill fitness-only devices like those made by Fitbit.


Luckily, thanks to developments made 2016, we can say that both categories will likely survive – mostly because the consumer wearable landscape has expanded to encompass a few distinct categories:  the “move more” devices, the serious training devices, and the all-purpose smartwatches. Most of the second- and even third-generation products that came out this year fit into these categories, and there are obvious hits and misses.

Here, we are list New Atlas looks at some of the best activity and fitness trackers available in 2016.

Firstly, consider the ways you plan to use your fitness trackers before purchasing one. For instance, outdoor runners and cyclists will get more use of a device with built-in GPS connectivity. Users who are looking to measure only basics such as steps and burned calorie might not need to splurge on a feature-rich model.

 Samsung Gear Fit 2


The Gear Fit 2 by Samsung is dominated by a gorgeous curved super AMOLED touchscreen. It is part of fitness tracker, part of smartwatch which looks smarter than most activity trackers.

It’s good for monitoring tracking and reviewing exercise data, as well as displaying smartphone notification, which can also be replied to using pre-written message.

 Fitbit Charge 2


The Fitbit Charge 2 is a follow-up which offer a number of upgrades including a bigger and better OLED screen. This actually allows custom watch faces and call, text and calendar notifications to be displayed on the wrist, though there’s always the Fitbit Blaze if you want a more smartwatch experience. Also the New Fitbit Charge 2 replaces two devices in the company’s range – the Charge and Charge HR. Designed like a larger Alta, the gadget features continuous heart-rate tracking, GPS and swappable wristbands which is definitely worth to buy.

Mi Band 2


Thanks to its price, the Mi Band 2 made it into several round-up of fitness trackers review article. Price at only $35, the MiBand 2 offers a truly impressive feature list including a heart rate monitor which suits to the old man very much.

Furthermore, to the general activity, steps and heart rate monitoring , it also features sleep tracking and an idle alert to tell you when to get up off your butt. How fantasying it is!

So, if you think motivation to push that bit harder during a workout would be more beneficial to you than telling you what you’ve done, it would be a great choice to consider.


Overall, 2016 wasn’t a year where we saw anything incredibly new or eye-catching in the combined wearable space. But we did see a lot of companies have created their own creative products. Hopefully 2017 will bring some all-new devices, particularly some that do not live on your wrist.

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