Xiaomi Glasses New Arrive

This year Xiaomi founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun set a “small target”: Overall revenue exceeds 100 billion RMB in 2017. Lei Jun said that in 2017 Xiaomi is going to focus on five core strategies: black technology, new retail, internationalization, artificial intelligence and Internet finance, this is the first time Internet finance came forward as one of the core strategies in Xiaomi internal staff meeting.

It’s hard to put into practice what is known. Even though the worst time of  Xiaomi was over, the final goal is not easy to achieve unless Xiaomi finds new high-value products. Today, Lei Jun raise the Internet financial to become Xiaomi core strategy is naturalized to the tide.

Xiaomi Glasses New Arrive 1  

In many people’s impression, Xiaomi is the mobile phone manufacturer often copy the design. But in fact, Xiaomi R&D innovate capacity is not what it was. Take the patent Xiaomi cumulative patents has exceeded 16,000 in the global, the total authorized reached 3612, of which foreign-related patents reached 1767. Mobile phone, for instance, Xiaomi 5 launched with four-axis optical image stabilization and 3D ceramic for the first time in the world. Xiaomi 5s released ultra-sensitive camera in China, Xiaomi MIX first released full-screen and full ceramic body in the world. Xiaomi is growing more and more vigorously on the “black technology” road.

Recently, Lei Jun once again cut into the traditional industry. Xiaomi ecological chain company Rui Mi created the B1 blu-ray resistant glasses official on-line.

B1 blu-ray resistant glasses targets groups of users work in front of the computer for a long time. Dubbed “young people’s first blu-ray resistant glasses” by Internet users.

Xiaomi Glasses New Arrive 2

Like other Xiaomi ecosystem products, this very cost-effective glasses also has high quality. Its lens supplier is the world-renowned lens maker TAG Heuer. 9-layer coating design of this glasses has 35% blu-ray rejection and 99.9% UV radiation rejection.

Split design, the glasses frame and the glasses legs installed separately, while it is equipped with two pairs of different glasses legs. One is standard glasses legs (material color the same as the glasses frame), the other is sports glasses legs with non-slip design, there is no necessary to worry about glasses to fly out even outdoor sports.

At the same time, the nose pad of the glasses also used detachable design, there are two sizes of nose pads, you can choose the fit depend on your nose.

Xiaomi Glasses New Arrive 3

The glasses is TR90 material frame which has high toughness and wear resistance, and the quality is ultra-light, the whole pair of glasses weighs only 21 grams, you will not feel pressure even wear it for a long time.

This may only be the start of Xiaomi set foot in the traditional industry. In the future, Xiaomi may be involved in more traditional industries.


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