Which Samsung Tablet is the Best

2016 is a popular year on the tablet. in the past four months, we witnessed the technology giant such as Apple published the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and Huawei published MateBook.

So when you first see this Galaxy TabPro S from Samsung, it does not seem to recognize the obvious difference compared to other competitors, as well as the same Intel Core M processor, Windows 10 system and removable style keyboard, but in fact we found that Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is the most interesting and most worthy buying tablet through a period of test.


Which Samsung Tablet is the Best 2

Galaxy S7 Super AMOLED screen is the factor to make it became one of the best display smartphones on the market, and I am very pleased that the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S also uses the same screen which is 12-inch and 2160 × 1440 resolution Super AMOLED screen.

Compared with the conventional AMOLED screen, Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen continues to enlarge the advantages. It can show deeper and much pure black while performing rich color, and this can also save a lot of power. It can be displayed as long as turn the luminous pixels point off, this not only increase excellent result, but also saving energy.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Super AMOLED screen integrates the low-power capacitive touch screen, which can display content directly on the screen instead of using the form of coverage, and this is another advantage compared with the IPS screen.

Design and keyboard

Which Samsung Tablet is the Best 3

Design has not been Samsung strengths of mobile and electronic sector until last year’s publishment of Galaxy S6, Samsung began to progress significantly, and to the present Galaxy S7 has become one of the most beautiful smartphones on the market. The Galaxy TabPro S also extend its new concept among the tablet products.

As a tablet, Galaxy TabPro S makes people overjoyed. 12-inch flip screen surface covered with gorilla glass panel, and also equipped with shiny metal frame, the overall effect is like a larger Galaxy S7. Meanwhile, Galaxy TabPro S is very thin, it can also be put into the backpack at any time to carry.

Galaxy TabPro S is the same as normal tablet with widescreen design except iPad Pro, of course.Unlike the iPad Pro, Huawei MateBook or Surface Pro, keyboard and case are bound to the Galaxy TabPro S, so this leads directly to the Galaxy TabPro S has higher productive forces. We can use it to switch tablet mode and notebook mode.

System and software

Which Samsung Tablet is the Best 4

Galaxy TabPro S runs professional version of Windows 10, which is the biggest difference from iPad Pro and Google Pixel C. At this point, Windows 10 can provide compatibility advantages that iOS and Android can not provide.

Galaxy TabPro S can provide more softwares for users, which means that users do not to be forced to use shrinking photoshop, but also can use a lot of free software without the need to buy GIMP.

In addition, coupled with Microsoft’s built-in Windows 10 Office 365 which makes Galaxy TabPro S become a powerful mobile productivity tool quickly.



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