Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet 2016

For those who focus on productivity and portability, tablet with Bluetooth keyboard would be the first choice for them. In order to maximize the productivity of the tablet, it is not convenient for the lack of a portable Bluetooth keyboard. Here is some good choice for you to select.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet 2016 2

Apple original keyboard, the best choice undoubtedly for Mac users that have no special needs.Apple wireless keyboard adopts two AA batteries and Bluetooth connectivity.

Another advantage of choosing the original keyboard is it the same as the MacBook key, it would be more easily adapt if you often switch to use.

Logitech K480

Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet 2016 3

K480 Bluetooth keyboard equipped with multimedia operating system,  the user can use the function keys and the Fn key to add multimedia operations. K480 Bluetooth keyboard requires two batteries in the power supply, the official claim to work up to 18 months by two batteries. The K480 Bluetooth keyboard supports five operating systems, they are windows, Mac OS,  Android,  iOS and Chrome OS. Users can switch seamlessly among three connected devices with dials.

You can feel the appropriate distance among the keys in use, the K480 Bluetooth keyboard is not as compact as the general design of the Bluetooth keyboard which easily produce press key incorrectly. The advantage of membrane keyboard calibration and soft and flexible input feeling make people enjoy using. Rotating the dial to achieve switch among different systems and different devices, for those using tablet can do things a lot with facility by the help of the K480 Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

Rapoo E6300

Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet 2016 4

The size of Rapoo E6300 Bluetooth keyboard is very small which is designed specifically for the iPad, space among keycaps is minimum and users need to take some time to adapt it. The key features with more than ten “Fn” combination of shortcut keys, so that makes the iPad is more convenient to use. In addition, The menu key on the keyboard designed for Apple operating system.

In fact, Rapoo E6300 can be used in iPad, iPhone, Mac and Bluetooth-enabled PC. But in the non-ios system equipment, some keys can not play shortcut keys function. in general, The process of connecting devices is relatively fast and simple, and the connection is stable, there is no self-disconnection condition.

Microsoft 6000

Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet 2016 5

The thickness of Microsoft Bluetooth wireless 6000 is only a few millimeters, the weight is very light, the thinnest section of the keyboard is only little thicker than the normal AAA battery which means it’s very portable. In addition to it also uses a 6-degree arc design, Microsoft said most users prefer to have a curved shape keyboard, 6-degree arc would be more scientific which allows users to wrist more comfortable. What’s more, this keyboard also has a separate portable Bluetooth digital keypad.

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  1. I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything. Your articles are informative, but you really need to have someone who natively speaks English to proofread your articles.

    This reads like very poorly translated text you get from some user’s manuals.


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