How to Add Music from iPhone to iTunes


People need to add music from iPhone to iTunes for several reasons. Sometimes, they lose their iTunes library with unknown reasons such as computer crash, computer format, iTunes crash and so on, thus they have to get the files redeemed. Sometimes, they just want to back up the music which has been downloaded in the iPhone. So, how can one add music from iPhone to iTunes? Well, in this article, a practical measure of using iPhone Transfer is introduced, which I wish would be helpful.

iPhone Transfer(also called ios Transfer), as the name implies, is a kind of professional software which is designed to transfer files among iDevice, iTunes and computer.With iPhone Transfer, people can not only copy music from iPhone to iTunes easily, but also can transfer photos,videos, playlist and so forth. What is more, the transferred files are of lossless quality. Besides, if demanded, it even enables people to select songs they want before starting transfer process.Now,please get yourself ready, prepare an USB cable and follow the steps below to begin copying music from iPhone to iTunes.



First you should download the iPhone Transfer software. After downloading and moving it on computer, you should connect iPhone with computer by USB cable directly, after the window is shown as the picture above, you can follow Step Two.

When it comes to step two, you have two different choices which suit different demands.
For one measure, you can click “To iTunes”, the first sign in the bottom of the primary window (see the picture shown in STEP ONE) which is red, and then you can see a data select box. Choose“Music” and click “Start to copy”, after that, you have to wait seconds only and all the music in iPhone will be transferred to iTunes.


Now you may wonder: what if I do not need to get all the songs transferred? Well, another measure will be introduced here to tell you how to transfer music selectively. Click “Media” on the left column and click “Music” on the top line, and you can see that all songs are displayed on the music window. Now tick the songs you want and click “Export to”. When a small drop-down list pops up, select “Export to iTunes Library”. In this way you can manage to add the needed songs only to iTunes.


iPhone Transfer is indeed a practical software which is helpful for transferring music from iPhone to iTunes and deserves trying. And there is other software that can help you in achieving this purpose such as Any Trans, if you are interested, just do some research on how to use it. I hope you can enjoy your music without missing them.


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