Best game apps for iPhone


With smartphone in hand, nowadays, games have been one of people’s best choice to kill time. However, the dilemma is that there are too many games to choose from in the App store. With thousands upon thousands of iOS games to easily access, it can be daunting knowing where to start. But every coin has two sides; the best thing about having such a huge number of games is that no matter what your taste, there’ll always be something to play. Following are several popular apps suggested by the experienced gamers who picked them from their best experiences. Now, let’s take the diamonds in the rough.


Bejeweled Classic HD
Game magazine has reported that Bejeweled perhaps is the most insanely addictive puzzle game ever. You can enjoy your perfect match with 6 breathtaking modes in this classic gem-matching game, from the fast-paced, time-based lighting, to the gem-driven Flushes and Full Houses of Poker Mode. As a game being loved for years, it’s still delivering amazing high-carat excitement! You can create electrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems and so on; collect flashy Bejeweled badges and achievements so you can soar to dazzling heights in the Game Center Leaderboards.


No question, Badland is one of the top ten iOS games of 2016. It’s easy to find why gamers have fallen in love with the game. Realistic physics, gorgeous art, and intuitive controls combine to make this one very memorable mobile experience. Besides, Badland is known for its simplicity. It’s a single-finger game, in fact. Touch the screen to make your fledgling forest dweller flap its tiny wings, scooting over hazards and scrambling through the cluttered landscape. Part endless-runner, part physics-puzzler, and part inverted plat former, there’s a crisis of identity at the heart of the game that reveals itself through one glaring flaw. Usually, even you don’t know what is happening. If you are a gamer with bravery and patience, this game is wholeheartedly recommended.


Blek is a puzzle game about creativity and expression. It even can be described as marvel. Actually, this is a game about handwriting if you’re really involved in it. It’s a game about doodling, about taking a line for a walk and then standing back when the thing you’ve made comes to life. What you need to do is hit the colored dots and avoid the black ones.
Blek not only repeats the shape of your doodle but also captures the speed and hesitancy with which you draw it. It’s really amazing. The whole thing feels so much more alive as a result, each animation having its own pulse. This is a game for gamers who own a powerful reasoning ability. If you are, discover it by yourself because its joy is beyond my description.


Is there a taste of you from the three games I picked above? If the answer is “yes”, you can download them right now without spending hours browsing. Of course, you can still choose other games you prefer from App store, whether a genre of adventure or action, you can be satisfied here.


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