What is the Best GoPro Camera

Different type of GoPro meets different demands. The suitable GoPro would be the best one to users. In order to give you a better understanding of the various differences, I’d love to introduce some types’ features so that you can select the most suitable one according to your needs.

Hero + LCD

What is the Best GoPro Camera 2

Price of Hero + LCD is 300 dollars, the price directly to a higher level compared to Hero. However, Hero + LCD also uses the built-in battery, material of fuselage cover is the same as Hero. However, Hero + LCD adds a touch screen which is easy for preview and playback video. In addition, Hero + LCD also provides different setting and shooting mode.

The Hero + LCD also has a built-in Wi-Fi module so that users can use smart phone or smart controller of Hero + LCD directly to connect remotely and control Hero + LCDs, even wirelessly transmit data. What’s more, users can also modify and cut video directly on the Hero + LCD screen.

Quality of Hero + LCD video is significantly higher than the Hero, but compared to the big screen, Hero + LCD video is still more suitable for small mobile devices to play. Hero + LCD can shoot 1080p video with 60fps, and it can take 8 megapixel photos. Compared to entry-level Hero, Hero + LCD has breakthrough in function and video quality which is a better choice.

Hero4 Silver

What is the Best GoPro Camera 3

Hero4 Silver is the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award star product, this camera cleverly balanced performance and functionality. The price of it is 400 dollars, it can shoot 4k video under 15pfs, more even shoot 2.7k video under 30fps. For most people, shooting ability 60fps under 1080p and 120fps under 720p is amazing. Hero4 Silver is equipped with first-class sensors and processors, it has been considered as a very satisfactory product compared to similar standerd camera. Users will find that play Hero4 Silver shooting video in the big screen or TV screen is able to meet the watching needs.

Hero 4 Silver should be good enough for people who want better shooting quality and enjoy a variety of shooting modes.

Hero 4 Session

What is the Best GoPro Camera 4

Hero 4 Session is the smallest and lightest in GoPro products. It is also completely waterproof and therefore it does not require polycarbonate enclosure. Because of its square size and accessories of easy handling which makes it the simplest and most easy to use GoPro products. Hero 4 Session is a portable product which can start working with just one button. If you do not want to worry about volume, settings or weather during the using process, it will meet your requirements.


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