Why Is My MacBook Running Slow


Many PC have the problem of running slow, usually this brings much more troubles than it sounds. Using two minutes to open the computer, and several minutes passed you still cannot enter into your page! Waiting seems endless with your slow PC. In fact, with time goes by, your speedy Mac also can’t avoid running slow down. Why is my MacBook running slow? How to fix your slow Mac?

Reason_1: your_Mac_hardware_gets_too_old

Reason 1: your Mac hardware gets too old

Just like us human beings will get weak and sick when we are getting older, your Mac will be slow with age. In this case, you have no choice but to upgrade it. And it can be a bit expensive and take time. However, you are assured to have a faster Mac if you do so.

Reason 2: your hard drive gets too full

When your Mac is overloaded, the hard drive is getting full. This is one of the main reasons why your Mac running slow. Many people like to download a ton of movies, songs and pictures on their Mac but have no idea how to manage them. This might be a disaster to your Mac. Nobody will feel comfortable with their room full of all sorts of stuff in a mess.

Reason_2: your_hard_drive_gets_too_full

Under this situation, lightening your full hard drive will be a very tough job because cleaning up old movie files, organizing your Desktop and searching your Mac for old files you don’t need can be not that easy anymore. What’s worse, the most difficult part is how to clean up your system and figure out all the stuff that can be safely removed for more space. Facing with all the stuff, you will be frustrated! To solve this problem, you should keep a good habit to manage all your stuff tidy by divided them into different files with clear name. And fortunately, you can get help from Mac cleanup tool like CleanMyMac3 which can clean up your entire Mac. It is more clear about what needs to clean.

Reason 3: too much running in your background
Many people have got the value that time is money, so most of them tend to do multiple things in a time. If you like to keep many applications open in the background, there is no doubt that it will slow down your Mac. It’s much easier to fix this problem. Open up your Applications folder and then your Utilities folder. Find your Activity Monitor and open it. Now you can check out the list of apps and processes that happening on your Mac in real-time and then choose to end some processes which take up on your Mac RAM in a high number.( attention: don’t remove anything you don’t know!)

Reason 4: outdated OS X
If your hard drive is lightened and there are a few applications in the background, it’s time for you to take your Mac’s OS X into account. The OS X is extremely important to your Mac and an outdated OS X undoubtedly slows down your Mac. So update your OS X and have the latest version of OS X, your Mac will speed up a lot and you will probably see a dashing performance boost.
In the end, give some tips to avoid slowing your Mac. If you want to have a fast-running Mac, making sure your desktop is clear, organizing your files in a right way, closing pages and applications that you don’t need and cleaning up your browser cache memory regularly.


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