What to do with old MacBook Pro


Newest MacBook Pro accessed to market recently. With high-tech Touch Bar and updated configurations, it attracts customers to buy. You are willing to have one also. However, you had brought a MacBook Pro before the newest one was released and it is still working. What to do with old MacBook Pro?

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If you want to keep it, you can……

You want to buy a newest MacBook Pro and can afford it without selling out the old one. Do not let your old MacBook Pro sitting in your closet and collecting dust. It’s time to dig out new function of it. Here are 3 suggestions you can consider.

Use it for Home Theater

Although it is not the newest model, it is powerful enough to act as a home theater PC. Connect it with your television and you are able to watch CDs on your TV. If you have installed Wi-Fi in your home, connect old Mac to Wi-Fi. Now, you can watch Netflix or any other online content on your television. However, there may be one problem that your old MacBook Pro probably doesn’t have an HDMI port, so it makes trouble to connect your Mac to television. You’ll need a DVI-TO-HDMI adapter, as well as an audio cable to send the audio signal to your television. If you don’t satisfy with the existing functions, you can download media center software like XBMC or Plex into your old MacBook Pro and then you can access to browser through apps and other content on a TV-friendly user interface.


Use it for Experimentation                            

If you want to install a new software on your PC and wary about it will mess up what you have set up on your new Mac, your old MacBook can be the test ground. Installing without anxiety and keep your daily-used MacBook Pro clean.

Equip it to a Specific Room

Nowadays, people do a lot of things with electronic devices, such as look up recipes when cooking and read e-books in study room. If you have an old MacBook Pro, you don’t need to spend several hundred dollars for that kind of privilege. You can put you old MacBook Pro in the certain area where you spend a lot of time. For instance, put it in the kitchen for looking up recipes, listening to music or watch videos while cooking. It will bring a lot of fun to your cooking time.


If you don’t need it anymore, you can ……

Please mack sure that you have already deleted all personal information that you might still have on there and wipe it clean. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to back up all the information before you wipe it, just in case you ever need it in the future.

Sell it

You can sell it to your friends or acquaintances, or put it online and sell to strangers. Besides, you can participant the Apple Renew program in which you can sell your old devices for an Apple gift cards. Apple gift card could be used in Apple Store online or Apple Retail Store.

You have to know that if your devices have been damaged severely, do not power on properly, have been damaged by water, or have inoperative button, the gift card’s amount will be lower. You just need to provide some information about the device, its series, model, condition, and then there will be an estimated gift card value. After you receive a feedback from Apple Company, then you can ship it for free. Apple will inspect your devices. If it has recycling qualification, they will send the Apple Gift Card with estimated amount.


Donate it

Furthermore, you can donate your old MacBook Pro. Those who could not afford a PC will get a chance to use computer. You’ll likely make someone’s day by giving it to them.

You may need a protect sleeve for your MacBook Pro.


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What to do with old MacBook Pro



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