What is VR gear


Most people may have heard about VR, but there are only a small number of people have known what VR is and what can be done with VR. And I am one of them before I wrote this article. However, it’s very necessary for us to know VR(or Virtual Reality) as an emerging technology is a computer-generated technology that can create a three-dimensional digital world, in which you can not only see and observe, but explore and interact with it as though you are there. You can enjoy the interesting virtual world when you put on the special VR gear— a helmet or goggles with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.


So what is VR gear and how can we use it? Let’s have a look!
As we all know VR need us to block ourselves off from the real world and substituting a computer-generated alternative. So, it usually involves wearing a wraparound headset which is called a headphones display, clamping stereo headphones over your ears, and touching or feeling your way around your imaginary home using datagloves.


All gears are based on our five senses so as you can immerse yourselves in and have a more real experience. But in my imagination that will make us very weird or might look like a geek showed in horrible movies.


Usually, VR is known by people when it used in computer games or some other entertainment. However, as an effective tool VR has been applied for a variety of fields. For its strong capacity, VR has been used in difficult and dangerous areas, such as education, scientific visualization, medicine, industrial design and architecture.
And there are more we can expected from VR in the near future. What would be like in a world of VR? We can draw a picture like this. Staying at home you can hang out on the New York or London Street, peaking out what you want by wearing your VR gears when you shop online. That is to say, what you can see online now, you can touch them in the VR world.

Man watching 3d pornographic content using virtual reality goggles
Man watching 3d pornographic content using virtual reality goggles

What’s more, as a student you can choose to have a class in the classroom of Harvard University. You can also have dinner together with some old friends in different places but at the same time. You can really travel around the world without stepping out your door!

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