What is IOS operating system

IOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple corp. Originally, it was only designed for the use of iPhone, but later applied to iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV and other Apple devices. Essentially, Apple’s IOS is a software that controls all the basics of your gadget, including the look, feel, settings and hardware. Like Mac OS X, it is also based on Darwin, which is a kind of Unix-like operating system.


January 9, 2007, IOS was announced in Apple Macworld Exhibition. Later the first version of the IOS operating system was released in June in the same year. At that time, the name of this system was “iPhone OS X”. 3 years later, Apple corp announced to change the name of the system to IOS at the 2010 WWDC conference. And in the 4th quarter of 2010, Apple corp announced that its IOS took up 26% of the global smart phone operating system market share.


The system structure of IOS is divided into 4 layers: the Core OS layer, the Core Services layer, the Media layer and the Cocoa Touch layer. The system operation takes up about 240MB of the memory space. It is famous for its performance and stability. Since its advent, the technology of IOS always stays ahead of the competition.


IOS user interface supports direct manipulation of multi-touch. The methods of interaction with the system include swiping, tapping, pinching and reverse pinching. This design makes iPhone easier to use. There is a home button at the bottom of the screen, and 4 icons of the most frequently used programs fixed above the home button.


In IOS, many applications are linked to each other. Thus, different applications can share the same information. For example, when you received a short message that includes a phone number, you can choose to save the phone number as a contact or to select the number to make a phone call.


The IOS operating system uses central processing unit based on ARM, rather than the X86 processor used in Apple’s Macintosh computer. Therefore, the applications in Mac OS X cannot be directly copied to IOS to run. They need to be rewritten. Starting from IOS 2.0, the third party applications passing examination have been able to be released and downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

the_applications_in_Mac_OS X_cannot_be_directly_copied_to_IOS_to_run

With IOS, there is a comparison between IOS and Android that cannot be avoided. The contrasting styles that make the both systems distinct are the platform in which they are built. Basically IOS operating system is only built for the iPhone and no one is allowed to customize and realize their own flavor, while Android is an open source platform where anyone can customize the code and develop their flavor.


The IOS has 850,000 apps and it is still growing, while Android market has 1,000,000 apps. The fact is, the free apps in the IOS market are less when compared to the Android market, which has more free apps than paid ones.


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