Can I use Bluetooth on an airplane

In modern society, airplane is a common mode of transport. Many people choose to travel by plane, but some small knowledge about traveling by air is not known to everyone. As we all know that, the rules for taking a flight are very strict. Almost all the electronic products are prohibited to use on an airplane. Even some countries don’t allow the use of Bluetooth, such as China. However, indeed can’t we use Bluetooth on an airplane?


From the legal provisions of some countries, passengers on the plane are not allowed to use any radio signal transmission equipment, including, of course, Bluetooth. But technically, the frequency of mobile phone signal and communication equipment on airplane differ greatly, so that it will not cause interference. Only one frequency of them form an integer multiple of the other, the interference will be triggered. In fact, the interference of a mobile phone to a plane can only occur in rare cases.


However, it is not altogether without reason to prohibit the use of electronic products with Bluetooth on the airplane. Let’s take the mobile phone for instance. When a mobile phone is switched on or dropped out of network, it will automatically take the maximum power to transmit signal, search base stations and establish the connection with the mobile network. So the radiation of a mobile phone is most powerful while it is started.


We can notice that, in the mountainous or highway area where the signal is not good, even if we don’t make a phone call, the electricity consumption of mobile phone is still heavier than usual. This is because that the phone needs to take a larger power to search signal. It is the same truth that, the mobile phone will take the maximum power to transmit signal on an airplane where the signal is worse than other place. Meanwhile, the mobile phone will also automatically take a larger power to transmit or receive signal to ensure the quality of the connection when receiving or sending a message or making a phone call. And the Bluetooth is largely identical with only minor differences.


Maybe some one will say that, the frequency of Bluetooth on a cellphone is so weak, that can it affect the large airplane? The answer is positive. The impact of Bluetooth on one cellphone is small, but what about two cellphones? Three cellphones? Or all cellphones on the airplane? If so, no one can predict what will happen.


Therefore, in order to be safe and sound, you’d better not use Bluetooth on an airplane. But with the development of technology, I believe that the day to use Bluetooth on airplane will not be far away.


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