Halloween Food Ideas 2016


Halloween, October 31 of the year, is a traditional festival mainly in the United States, the British Isles, and many western countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand. What will you do on Halloween? Many children will play Trick or treat, light pumpkin lamp, many adults will also dress up and makeup scarily. There is also an indispensable activity, which is eating traditional Halloween foods. Let’s check the Halloween food ideas 2016.


Many people love candies especially children, the best selling of candy may be diversified shapes of ghosts, and candies with common Halloween orange, brown or black color for the packaging .
In fact, the amount of candy eaten on Halloween has long outnumbered the amount eaten at other holidays. Last year, over two billion was spent on Halloween candy. That’s a lot of sugar! Therefore, candy must be at the top of Halloween food ideas 2016 list.

2.Pumpkin pie


Pumpkin pie is the traditional snack in the southern United States in late autumn to early winter, especially during Halloween. Additionally , drying pumpkin seeds are also regarded as traditional Halloween food. Actually, you can make whatever you like, pumpkin pie, apple pie, or berry pie. You can make your pie into the shape of ghost, black cat, monster or bat.

3.Halloween cookies


Halloween cookies can be in different shapes, sizes and colors. From pumpkins, ghosts, owls, skulls and bones to witches’ hats, bats, spiders and black cats. It may take a bit more time to make the spookiest cookies, but it’s well worth it.

4.Bloody drinks


Bloody drinks don’t necessarily have to be alcoholic. You can make some tomato smoothie or combine orange juice, cranberry juice, softened raspberry sorbet with seltzer together for children. You can also use red wine instead of sorbet to make alcoholic beverage for your friends.

5.Halloween cupcakes


Without devilishly and ridiculously decorated cupcakes, Halloween party is definitely incomplete . Making Halloween cupcakes is not time consuming, but decorating them do. Sometimes your Halloween cupcakes may be too cute to eat .

6.Fingers cookies


Fingers cookies is not only unique in shape, but also delicious in taste, because they have been added almond, so if you bite on “fingers”, you can smell the fragrance of light almond ,and eat a big almond is so sweet!

7.Candy apple


Candy apple is also called toffee apple, because you have to put apple in the toffee syrup and flip apple around. You can also sprinkle some nuts beyond apple for collocation. After Halloween, toffee apple will be sent to the children blessing for the good luck.

8.Strawberry ghosts


Dip each strawberry in chocolate mixture, allowing excess chocolate to form the ghosts’ tails. Dip a toothpick into melted chocolate and draw a mouth on each face.

9.Candy corn


Candy corn is mainly made of corn syrup sugar and artificial pigment and binder. Its size is three times of corn kernels. Traditional candy corn has three colors: yellow in the bottom ,conical orange in the middle and white at the top.


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