Why Samsung Note 7 Exploded?

Today, lithium batteries have become commonplace in the electronic device, including smartphones, notebook computers, electric vehicles, and are even widely used in aircraft. But recently Samsung Galaxy Note 7 flagship phone battery overheating and explosions make consumers  re-examine the safety of lithium batteries.

According to the US “Washington Post” reported, the US Federal Aviation Administration issued a consumer warning, recommend people do not open the Note 7 or charge it on the plane, not even put it in checked luggage. Many international airlines have also established similar restrictions. In addition, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recommendation to stop charging the Note 7.

Why Samsung Note 7 Exploded 1

Samsung Note 7 explosion already not news, Korea’s explosion is the origin, the continuous explosion in the United States leads Samsung to make the global recall. Samsung’s survey results for the explosion is part of the battery supplier has a problem, Samsung chose to recall the replacement, while other suppliers of the battery is no problem, Samsung did not recall.

Like other batteries, lithium batteries need to store electrical energy at first, and then gradually release electricity by the controlled chemical reaction. A lithium battery has two electrodes, that is where the electric energy can enter or leave the battery. The two electrodes are called anodes and cathodes.

Why Samsung Note 7 Exploded 2

Generally speaking, consumers can put these two electrodes as a common battery plus or minus sign. When a lithium battery is used to discharge, the lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode, and at the time of charging, the lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode.

There are related components within the lithium battery to separate the anode material and the cathode material. It will trigger a fire or explosion if the two materials contact.

Smartphone lithium battery explosion or fire is a technology that can not be completely eradicated.External impact, heating, overshoot or overall are likely to cause lithium battery security risks due to quality problems, other factors are difficult to control mobile phone manufacturers and battery manufacturers in addition to quality problems.

Why Samsung Note 7 Exploded 3

There are two possible reasons, one is Samsung’s circuit in the charge or use overheating so that cause explosion; The other is the user in support of other manufacturers detonate the battery in order to blackmail or smear Samsung, demand compensation, or make competitive advantage to other brands .

Regardless of the truth, Note7 is definitely a blow for Samsung. Safety of lithium battery problem deserves our careful consideration.



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