Brief Review of Samsung Note 7 Camera


The launch of Samsung S7 and S7 edge lighted the passion of customers in this year. Great feeling, sophisticated appearance and high-level camera comparable with Apple’s represent Samsung’s strong strength. Especially, the photographed function gives a deep impression to its users. So, how about new launched flagship model Samsung Note7? This is the brief review of Samsung Note 7 camera.



Samsung with 12 million pixels’ hardware gains a grade of 1413 LP/PH for MTF50.


Under the 10 lux low light condition, MTF 50 still can reach 1066 LP/PH. Refer to the photograph taken in studio by ZEALER LAB, performance of resolution corresponds to the objective data.



There may be lots of people having the same question: why do some phones have the same resolution shown on data, however, take different-quality photos? Revolution value is influenced by sharpening processing easily. Generally speaking, the higher sharpening processing degree is, the higher resolution capability will be. Excellent camera module should have not only high resolution capability, but also great capability of detail reproduction. Dead leaves’ figure card is always used to test the capability of detail reproduction.


Through real shot, Galaxy Note 7 shows great capacity of detail reproduction. It even represents the tiny texture in the card. This is the reason why photos taken by Samsung phone is more esthetical than other’s carrying the same data 12 million pixels camera.


With regard to the color of Samsung phone, rich and gaudy will be mentioned. However, after Galaxy S6, the color style of Samsung has great change. It abandons the gaudy color. Galaxy Note7 carries on the style as S7.


bar graph and real shot under D65 illuminants with 600 lux chroma


bar graph and real shot under A illuminants with 10 lux chroma

Noise Point

Galaxy Note 7’s noise point is controlled well. This is one of its advantages which allow it to compete with other brands.


Look at the photo below. Under the single-side low light circumstances, details of plush cloth are still clear without obvious smudge.


Letters on card is distinct. Particle on stone and wooden board’s texture restore well. There is no large stain. This picture is clear and distinct.

Degree of Uniformity

Due to apply Dual Pixel Quick Focus technic, each pixel point can be treated as a group of phase focus point. From the analysis chart of test, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does not do a lot of processing work on the dark comer. Edge highlighting is not obvious.



Distortion proposal of Galaxy Note7 is regular. Actually, you needn’t worry about distortion because there are so less cameras having big problem of distortion.



Latitude is one of significant parameters judging a camera. Generally speaking, it is the capability of restoring the lightest and darkest details. In other words, the higher its latitude is, the richer details are. From the value and sample, latitude of Galaxy Note 7 is well enough.


Real shot Samples




After read this brief review of Samsung Note 7, do you want to buy it? Or you already have one, find a phone case for your Note7 and protect its screen and camera lens.



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