What will happen to iPhone 8

2017 is the 10th anniversary of the Apple Inc and It is said that they will plan to celebrate this occasion with big technological innovation. Although it is more than a year away from the launch of the iPhone 8, but because of Apple’s ambitious plans for the iPhone 8, there are already a lot of rumors about the coming iPhone.


How about adopting wireless charging? Long-range wireless charging is superior to many existing wireless charging methods because it does not require devices to be as close to a charging source or mat.

In recent months, Apple has been hiring engineers with expertise in wireless charging, which suggest a wireless charging feature could indeed be in the works. With Apple planning to eliminate the headphone jack in the 2016 iPhone 7, leaving the Lightning port to serve multiple functions, wireless charging is a logical next step for the iPhone 8. Apple has applied for a patent, wireless charging allow you just put the iPhone in a special device which can complete charging, this way of electromagnetic induced electricity is likely to be on the iPhone8.


Some people predict that, iPhone8 will be thinner, iPhone 8 thickness might be only 6.1 mm, users can easily put it in the bag, It also have qualitative feeling. It is also said that iPhone 8 will be canceled Home entities.


It is encouraging predict that iPhone 8 will use curved surface screen. Curved surface screen does not reflect on the iPhone 7, foreign media speculated that curved surface screen should be in next year’s iPhone 8, but there are news that iPhone 8 will return to the classic glass body (such as iPhone 4). There is no accurate information at present.


IPhone 8 will use OLED screen, Apple Watch is the only one Apple series with OLED display products, so iPhone 8 OLED screen is a big attraction for next year. Some people say iPhone 8 will have three series, namely two OLED with 3D glass, one kind of liquid crystal and metal.

It is already open to sell iris recognition smart-phone, Apple may add iris scanning capabilities to the iPhone 8, which could be used like Touch ID. Iris scanning scans a person’s iris, and each person’s iris is unique, it is much like a fingerprint.

Iris scanning is also a feature that has been rumored for the 2017 iPhone. Will iris recognition become the mainstream in the future?
We are hoping that apple will increase the battery power which is much needed on this device. Rumors said, iPhone 8 would be powering the device for around 18 Hrs on use of 3G or 4G.


With the arriving of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we can expect the launch of Apple iPhone 8. There is a lot of time for the release date of iPhone 8. You will have to be patient for the release of the dreaming device. There are no official words from the company about the Apple iPhone 8, so we can’t say anything surely. In your opinion,what will happen to iPhone 8 ?

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