How Long To Charge Samsung Note 7 First Time?

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Have you received your new smartphone Samsung Note 7 yet? Does it need a charging when you get it? How long should you to charge Samsung Note 7 first time? Some tips about charging note 7 are offered to solve these problems, please keep reading.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been upgraded that the battery capacity comes up to 3500mAh and the power saving mode is also designed for a long using time. New bigger smartphone make you enjoy the tech time long and how about the battery? This time Samsung note 7 is fast enough, because it’s adopted with quick charge 2.0 technology. The 3500mAh battery is non-removable, of course, but it’ll last you easily more than a day under moderate use. And the 3500mAh with quick charge 2.0, USB Type-C and wireless fast charging make the Samsung Note 7 big and fast, which enables you to deal with a seamless transitions between work and play.

How long to charge Samsung Note 7 first time?

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When receiving a brand-new Samsung Note 7, it may bother you that how long should I charge the Samsung Note 7? The new phone is usually hold a little of power when you turn on it. So the first charging will begin soon to get it work continuously. Then, here comes a problem, how long to charge Samsung Note 7 first time?

Most people will choose to charge the new phone for over 12 hours at the first time. Will it be right to use the new note 7 regularly, then you left it on charge over night for 7 hours on fast charge? Sometimes, it’s easy to believe, long charging time means full battery. However, are you sure your Samsung Note 7 really need a long time charging at first time?

There are three options about how long to charge Samsung Note 7 first time.

Option one,  let the Samsung note 7  down to 5% then re-charge it until it gets 100%. Repeating the charge method about three times, then you could charge it from 0%-100% as you like. 

Option two, charge the Samsung note 7 for about 7 hours at the first time. Yes, it’s common that you won’t charge the new smartphone until it’s out of battery.  It seems that when you clean all the remain power of it, the smartphone will get a full charge easy.

Option three, because the Samsung note 7 with the modern li-on batteries, so you shouldn’t let it run down below say 40% as that will effect battery performance after a while if you keep on doing it.

Personally speaking, the option three sounds reasonable and it gets favor from some smartphone heavy users.  And if you have some good suggestion about how to charge Samsung note 7 first time, please common below.

How to charge Samsung Note 7 without charger?

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Hope you will enjoy to know some tips about how to charge Samsung Note 7 without charger, which should be noticed by the first users. 


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