How To Charge Mi Power Bank?

How to charge Mi power bank

Do you have a Mi Power Bank?

How to charge Mi power bank

Xiaomi Power Banks are famous in the market for really a long time. Oozing style with an elegant and highly portable aluminium-alloy design makes Mi Power Banks exclusively outstanding with an extraordinary value.

We should know that some power banks will lose between 20 % – 30 % battery capacity through heat generated and voltage conversion, so it may offer almost 7000mAh from a 10000mAh Power Bank. With some tips, you can use the power bank to offer your phone with more battery. Before that, you should get the Mi Power Bank fully charged.

How To Charge Mi Power Bank?

 How to charge Mi power bank in  three ways

Normally, there is at least one input port and one output port of a power bank, so does Mi Power Bank. Find the input port for Mi Power Bank and you could feed juice for it. You can charge Mi Power Bank from a USB port on computer or a laptop, or charge it with a mini-size USB wall charger. To be frank, when you plug the Mi Power Bank into a USB wall charger, it may charge faster.

About the socket, you should check the specific about it before you charge the Mi Power Bank. Check the manual to make sure the input is compatible to the power bank.

And please notice that, don’t use the Mi Power Bank before it gets full charged. It’s a bad habit that people always use the phone while it is getting charged from a power bank. So it ‘s better to prepare a super capacity power bank before you going out for the day or away on a trip, for example, EasyAcc 26000mAh monster power bank.

There is a important component of how to charge Mi Power Bank, you will need a USB charging cable indeed. In the Mi Power Bank package, a USB charging cable which is prepared for all Android phones. Unfortunately, you need to get the cable for charging the power bank. Read more about where to buy iPhone (iPad / iPod) charger cable.

The video is given as a guide to show how to charge Mi Power Bank.



How To Charge Mi Power Bank?》有3个想法


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