How to Repair Power Bank?

Normally the electronic devices like smartphones and tablets need a back up power bank to keep them alive, most of us individually owns even more than one. However, not all of us know how power bank works literally and how to repair power bank when it’s not charging or other defects occur.

power bank not working

I compiled some facts gathered from different causes and practical approaches to fix the problems with easy-to-use tools.

Generally there are 3 types of problems commonly encountered by the users:

1.Broken indicator

2.Not charging

3.Loose USB port

Let us get to solve the items one by one.

How to repair power bank with broken indicator?

Instead of using the word “repair” actually ” apply properly” is more suitable. Why? If the indicator is not functioning, then there’s a good chance that the charging circuit or the voltage converter might be defective, or the batteries will simply no longer accept charge. Therefore, the first thing on your to do list is to make sure the charging function is still working which means only the indicator failed, it’s not a brilliant choice to open the case and repair the batteries or circuits for most users, unless you have solid electronic knowledge background.



Simply apply a USB meter to measure the power passing through is a safe way to know the power bank is fully charged or nearly empty. The operation is easy enough, just charge your power bank and connecting it to the charger through the USB meter, keep an eye on capacity passed to, if it stops increasing, then charging is probably done. This option is also good to tell if battery capacity has decreased or to verify if the power bank you just bought really got the capacity it claimed to be. 

How to repair power bank which is not charging?

If your power bank is made with Li-Ion 18650 batteries, when it is not charging it’s possible that the charging circuit is broken but the batteries are still good to use, or some of the batteries are still working, if so, you can still use the batteries to DIY a power bank, the methodology is similar to the article how to build a power bank from used laptop battery , just replace the used laptop battery to power bank battery, they are pretty much the same thing – 18650 batteries.

What if all the batteries are already dead? In this case it’s better to buy a new one, the printed circuit board is not easy to be fixed.

How to repair power bank with loose USB port?

Applying solder is not a good idea for amateurs, I would rather introduce an easier way for it, all you need is a screwdriver or even a toothpick, make the process as simplest as possible,the details are declared in the video below.

If your power bank is not fixed by applying the methods above, I strongly recommend to get a new one for safety concern.

High-quality power banks recommendation:

1. Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100

It’s a ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology, perfect combination of portability and durability, furthermore it’s the best seller at Amazon. 


2. EasyAcc 20000mAh Portable Charger Fast Recharge

The unique dual port input save 50% recharging time, it supports 4.8A Output with 4 USB Ports. Auto detects and changes its charging speed unique to your device for high charging speed up to 2.4A, it’s a good companion for multi-device users.



how to build a power bank from used laptop battery?

What Should We Do If Power Bank Not Charging?

How to Repair Power Bank?》有41个想法

    1. Hi,if you mean when you connect your phone to the power bank and the power loss is larger than the battery capacity of your phone, technically if it’s about 20% power loss throughout charging process that’s quite normal as the charging efficiency of industry standard is pretty much 80%.

  1. Hello, please what can I do to make my power bank start charging my phone again. I’m using new age power bank with 13000mAh. I bought it few weeks ago and I charged it with another new age power bank last week because there was no other source of power at that time and since then it has been malfunctioning gradually and now it’s not charging my phone again and the indicator light is always on even without anything being connected to it. Please what can I do. I would really appreciate it if you can help. Thanks.

    1. Hello Debbie, if the problem occurred with your new age power bank, I suggest you to ask for an exchange since it’s still under warranty, because the tear-down and fix on your own would be the last option if you don’t have solid background knowledge and as you mentioned the indicator is always on, there must be something wrong in the loop internal.

  2. power bank display showing charging in also lighting when connected to power source but the battery percentage not increasing…still it is charging the phone .please tell me, what would be the problem.

    1. Hi, if the power bank cannot be recharged successfully, I doubt it’s the defect with the internal Lithium battery, it can only discharge power but not get recharged. I suggest you to contact customer service for further assistance.

  3. HI My powerbank charging port is broken i cant charge my powerbank because of that. The charging port is i think have 6 pins something like that but i only have 4. Its really sad and i dont know how to repair or something. I hope someone will help me on this

    1. If all the lights are flashing then stop, I wonder the power bank is running out of juice, you need to recharge it first. If the lights cannot stop flashing, I’m afraid it’s the problem with the internal circuit, you’d better contact the customer service for assistance.

  4. My power is indicating of charging but it doesn’t indicate about fully charged or increasing the percentage of charging in led light? Please reply as soon as possible

    1. If the indicator keeps blinking after a long-time recharging, try to switch the charging cable and charger then find out if it’s the problem with the charging accessories or the power bank.

  5. Hi! My powerbank is Anker 2nd Gen Astro E7 and it got wet with sea water 😦 it’s not functioning well now. Like it won’t turn on right away (you need more luck before it turns on) and the flash light is also not working anymore 😦 and when I plug it in to charge and plug my phone to the Anker it won’t charge anymore 😦 I haven’t used this days after it got wet and dried it in dry rice however it’s still not fixed 😦 should I bring it to the anker center or any DIYs I can do to save it? Tho it’s a bit heavy compared to other Powerbanks I still love this one! It’s very useful and can last for weeks! I hope someone can help. Thank you!

    1. I suggest you to contact Anker for a replacement if it’s still under warranty. As it’s not waterproof, if you usually use your power bank outdoors, I recommend you to have a waterproof power bank to avoid water damage. OUTXE 20000mAh Rugged Solar Charger is a good option.

  6. My dulla m500000 won’t charge my phone but when i plug it to wall its works can yall please tell me how to fix it please

    1. Easyacc pb15000c, same problem, the power bank is charged and recharges properly, if I connect it to the smartphone it does not load the smartphone.
      If I connect it to the power and then to the smartphone then the smartphone is recharged.
      The indicator key no longer works instead.

  7. My powerbank which is of intex. 11000 mah. When i charge it it gets charged soo quickly within 20 minutes, and when i connect to my phone, it also gets discharged very fast, i can just charge my phone about 10 percent max, i have a 2600mah battery in my phone!…what can be the reason, is my powerbank dead?

    1. I have the same problem as yours. Mine is 20000mah. Its charge so quickly. And when i use it to my phone it drains quickly too.

  8. Hi I just bought a linhac 10000mAh output 5v double usb power bank and it only works when im charging the bank but when I plug it in the indicator shows its fully charged but will not work if its not charging and indicator does not stay on any ideas?

    1. The internal output circuit is defected, you’d better ask the after-sale service for a new one since you just bought it.

  9. Hi I have bought new mi 20000 mah power bank when I put into the adopter led lights indicates but when take the adopter led light goes off…what we should for this problems.

    1. Normally the indicators only blink when it’s charging or out of juice, so it’s just fine to go off when the adapter is not connected,if you want to know how much juice left there simply click the power button the indicators will show you immediately.

  10. Hi,

    my power bank is full charged but when i power it on then light blinks and goes off. not charging my phone, nit even a single light showing. in short its not powering on. what is the reason, what i can do . please help

  11. the part where you put the usb it like got lose and dropped like a inch or so down into the portable charger and now it doesn’t let me charge my phone. i can charge the portable but i can tell put anything in the usb area bc it won’t charge

  12. Add a comment…my philips power bank’s side light remain open whenever not in charging also,how can i repair it?

  13. The port where you charge the powerbank fell out and I can’t charge my powerbank anymore. Can that be fixed and how?

  14. The USB Port Insert came out when I disconnected the phone cord from the Charger. Is there a way to repair the charging USB insert?

  15. Hello,
    Please how do I open (dismantle) power bank with model No: FIL 352, Capacity 5200mAh…?
    Thank you.

  16. 1st – Power Adaptor not Suitable for U’r PBank. Maybe VDC or Amp. (Try use Exec PBank Spec Charging current Input – Example 5.7vdc 1Amp)
    2nd – If Power Adaptor is not the Cause – It’s Charging Cable need to Check.
    3rd – Next is 1st & 2nd nt a problem….. U need DissAmble U’r PBank case.
    – 3.a – Check soldering from battery to PBank Bord… Result from ‘B+’ & ‘B-‘ U must get VDC/Amp +- PBank Spec at 100% Charging
    “** Before check soldering make sure U charge that PBank till it 100%…”
    If this step also can’t fix U’r problem…
    – 3.b – DisSolder All connection Battery to Battery & Check Pcs By Pcs U’r PBank Battery, There is should be got a Damage or Dead Battery…. If Had, Just change that Battery & ReSolder it back. At the same time just check all soldering point, If need just fix it where U think need to ReSolder it back….

    That All…. what I want to share hopefull can Assist Fix U’r PBank Problem…

  17. Mans got an EasyAcc PB20000MS powerbank I bought off of Amazon last year. But it packed in after only a couple of months.
    It is not accepting charge, and it is obviously not distributing charge either. Can it be fixed or do I need to look at another powerbank?


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