How Long to Charge Apple Watch

charge apple watch from empty battery

The new toy Apple Watch is being accepting by everyone. The common question users ask should be the charging time. How long to charge Apple Watch to protect the battery?

charge apple watch wireless

The charging design is pretty special on Apple watch. It combines MagSafe technology with induction charging. There is a charging cable but the connector charge the Apple Watch wireless. But consider about its special, you can only use the standard Apple Watch charger to charge.

The built-in battery for Apple Watch is a 205mAh /0.78Whr battery. Although the capacity is small, it still takes time to full charge it. By using MagSafe charger, it takes about 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 80% and the other 20% may takes about an hour. Which means you will need about 2.5 hours to full charge your Apple Watch from empty, in general.

charge apple watch from empty battery

The first time charging seems different than normal daily charging. It is said one of the most important way to protect the battery, so people always want to know how long to charge Apple Watch for the first time. But batteries of the device nowadays are lithium batteries. Lithium batteries don’t need to be activated, while the battery in the past need. Apple watches use Lithium battery too. So there is nothing different between first charge and daily charge. If you will feel better to charge longer for the first time, you can try to charge overnight, but you don’t need to.

use apple watch when do exercise

For the 2.5 hours charging time, how long is the battery life for Apple Watch? It is said officially that the battery life for Apple Watch is 18 hours. Apple said that, during the 18 hours, you can check time for about 90 times and checks about 90 notifications. Then you can also use Apps for 45 minutes, and do exercise with music for 30 minutes at the same time. This is the battery life in theory, and things always change a little bit in daily life.


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