How to Build a Power Bank from used laptop battery?


Charging device on the move has been made a lot easier over the years with the development of various portable power banks, instead of buying a new power bank you could make it more Eco-friendly by making one from used laptop battery if you have some basic knowledge of rechargeable lithium ion technology.

What if the laptop battery had been damaged? Literally we can still apply it to build a power bank. I know that you might be wondering how that is possible since the laptop battery is damaged already and can barely retain charge. It is possible because most times when your laptop battery gets bad or stops charging, it doesn’t primarily mean the whole battery is dead. It maybe as a result of a broken circuit inside the battery or one or two of the cells inside is dead not all. Since we usually have 6 to 12 cells inside, you can pick out the damaged ones and reuse the rest to build a power bank.


Here is a tutorial to show you how to build a power bank.


1.Old laptop battery

2.Power Bank Case — you can buy in Amazon or eBay



2.Wire Cutter

3.Nose Pliers


5.USB voltage & capacity tester

6.Gloves & Goggles — for safety concern



1.Open the laptop battery case carefully by identifying the weak spot somewhere along the seam, insert a screwdriver and twist to separate.

2.Pry until the pack pops open with gloves and goggles.

3.Cut the wires and joints to separate the batteries.

4.Remove the taps and soldered metal tabs with nose pliers.

5.Apply the multimeter to measuring the voltages to identify the good cells.

Standards for good battery cells:


6.Insert the good battery to the power bank slot , make sure the polarity is right.

7.Close the case and charge it with reliable USB cable and charger.

8.Test the output voltage and capacity of the homemade power bank with USB voltage & capacity tester.

I guess you probably get a primary understanding of how to build a power bank after watching the video above, nevertheless, please note that the operation process could be dangerous if you are a novice without any background of electronic knowledge. The lifespan and quality of home made power bank could not be guaranteed as well. However, amateurs would rather directly buy a reliable EasyAcc power bank which is already tested to be qualified and safe to use. 


What is Power Bank?

How to choose power bank for your phone and tablet?


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