Best Way to Edit GoPro Videos on GoPro Studio

best way to edit gopro videos

best way to edit gopro videos

There are lots of awesome videos which come from GoPro. Exactly! GoPro videos are of exceptional quality and if they’re edited carefully and creatively, it can be a nice mini-movie.

However you may feel difficult to edit GoPro videos through the simple Windows Movie Maker or the Adobe Premiere. Today, I highly recommend you a Best Way to Edit GoPro Videos on GoPro App which called- GoPro Studio. And show you how to edit it through 5 easy steps. Here we go!

Before we start, please ensure that you’ve download the GoPro Studio for your devices.


1: Import video files into the GoPro studio project.

Click the blue space to choose the files you want to edited

best way to edit gopro videos

Cut the unnecessary sections before we start. If you want to start to watching the clips, click on one of the thumbnails in the left column and then on Play.

There are two play buttons on the left. You can use these to select sections of the file that you want to keep. The one on the left will determine the beginning of the clip, while the one on the right sets the end of the clip. 

best way to edit gopro videos

The advanced setting button can change the video settings. Just feel free to choose the video size or frames, increase the speed of the video, change format and so on.

best way to edit gopro videos

Select the last optionRemember Settings, to make sure that the program will remember the settings you’ve chosen for the next video you want to edit. Press OK.

best way to edit gopro videos

When the videos are ready to be converted, the Proceed to step 2 options will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Click it to move on to the next step.


2: Write your video title

best way to edit gopro videos

Click Blank on the left hand side, and then click Create on the bottom right.

To start, you can create an opening title for your video, then, drag the title from the left column into the box in the bottom right hand corner.


3:Edit the video

best way to edit gopro videos

 Select the video you want to import first, and again drag and drop it to the timeline next to the clip you added earlier. In the right column, you can adjust various parameters such as the speed of the video, the duration of the fade, the audio levels, white balance settings, and the frame. At the bottom, there are also presets to give it a vintage or night vision feel.


4: Insert Music

Insert a little rhythm in your video will be much attractive.

Just click Media in the top left and then select your favor music then everything done.


5: Export it!

Well, you have done all steps except export it. Now all you have to do is export it by clicking on the Export tab.

best way to edit gopro videos

And Wait… 

best way to edit gopro videos


Let’s rock videos with the Best way of GoPro Studio!   🙂 


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一个有关“Best Way to Edit GoPro Videos on GoPro Studio”的想法

  1. This is very nice. A few months ago I got my first GoPro cam, but to be honest, the videos weren’t as I saw them on social media, and I was expecting more. I searched a bit and ran across this guide: and after I learned a bit of retouching and editing, they were amazing, and I continued to do so. I still edit my GoPro videos like this by using VideoStudioPro, but I see many people use GoPro Studio because it is the official software. I followed your steps and gave it a try, and it is pretty great. Not as simple as I hoped the official software to be, but good enough 🙂


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